Mother’s Day to Do Lots of Things for Girls

May 10, 2010

Mother’s Day – how nice!  A day dedicated to children honoring their mothers.  To turning the tables, as much as possible, and let the kids do for mom for once!

Unless, of course, the kids have math homework that puts them into tantrum-mode.

Or if the kids are in a PLAY that requires that you spend all DAY not only going to multiple performances, but also driving many people to many places and attending extra plays that your kid is NOT in, because the organization decided that attendance at the “graduation” was MANDATORY.

On Mother’s Day.

Oh, but I am not bitter.

Because I got up at a decent hour, got a nice little run, came home to delicious-smelling brunch cooked by my fabulous Writer-Dude husband, had my own mother (and father) in the house, and was gifted with a Keurig single cup coffee maker.

The girls both “forgot” about Mother’s Day, though.  WD reminded them, but they didn’t feel they had a chance to pull anything together.  L~ made me an adorable card with some fail-safe “chore tickets” creatively inserted.  I do get a kick out the fact that based on their ages (almost-12 and almost-14), these “chore tickets” can include things like “run to the store” (anywhere from 2-5 blocks away) and “run to Starbucks” (4 or 5 blocks away, blocks comprised of very safe park-filled residential streets).

When I was 12 or 14, my mother asking me to “run to the store” would require either grossly negligent and criminal under-age driving, or a walk that required overnight provisions.

S~ gave me a hug.

And she played Mah Jongg with me, in good spirits.

Also – she was so lovely in the play, and is just maturing into such a beautiful young woman.  And then everyone says “wow, you guys are twins!  You have the same face!” and she’s beautiful, so then people are saying I am beautiful.  On Mother’s Day.

Also – while I was very bitter about attending the no-kids-play and the subsequent graduation beforehand, I ended up happy to do so.  Because the kids that weren’t-mine who were in the play are lovely, and I’ve known them for years, and their parents are dear to me, and I am glad I went.  And graduation was beautiful.  There were tears (not from me or mine, but from others).

And because L~ is feeling done with this particular community theater, the ceremony closed a rather large chapter on the girls’ childhood.  They’ve been in these plays (twice a year, each) since 2005, and it’s been a lot of fun for all of us.  I will share some credit for the strong, self-aware and confident girls that they are with this organization.

Maybe next weekend, without calling it “Mother’s Day” (because I got my coffee pot and my brunch and my run), we’ll do what I would have chosen to do — dinner & a movie (Robert Downey, Jr., baby!), just the 4 of us.


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