Book Group

May 13, 2010

I have book group tonight.  At my house.  At 8 p.m. I guess if I were home during the day, I’d be cleaning so that I could present a nice, shiny, organized home to my 10 fellow book-readers.  But instead, I’m at work.  Not sure if I’ll be leaving here before 6.  I’d like to.  But I have a hearing in the morning, and prep will be required.  It’s even conceivable (because of the hearing) that I will be hopping in a cab at 7:45, calling the closest of my friends and my husband, asking them to let people in and make them feel welcome.  I doubt it, though.  (Although I did just now have a meeting scheduled for 5 p.m., to discuss tomorrow’s hearing.  So we’ll see what happens.) (Now it’s 6:05 p.m., and I’m wrapping this post up and walking out the door – so catastrophe has not ensued, and I will be home in time.)

Instead, I will be scrambling to hide the biggest and worst messes, to wipe down both bathrooms for company-use, and to shut (and bar) my bedroom door so no one can see that I am currently the biggest slob in the house.

It’s true – I am.

L~ used to be.  She kept her room so horrifically messy.  But then 2+ months ago, she spent the day doing the most obvious cleaning, and then I joined her.  We took her room to task.  We went through the closet, we went through the shelves, we went through the under-the-bed … we got rid of 4 large garbage bags – 2 actual trash, 2 outgrown or disfavored clothing – and 5 bags and boxes of recycling.  It was amazing, and productive, and HARD.  But she’s done a great job at keeping it clean.  Miraculously.

S~ used to naturally be cleaner than L~.  But around the time that I helped L~ with her room, S~ lost all semblance of control over her bedroom, and her floor was covered in 4 layers of mess.  I kept saying that we would take care of it – that I would help her like I helped her sister.  But between her plans and my plans, it seemed impossible to find the time.

Then this past weekend happened.  With my parents coming to town – staying in S~’s room.  Clearly, I could not force them to sleep in a pit.

So S~ and I spent Saturday – all day on Saturday – cleaning her room.

She did very little.  You would think she were the younger of my children, when looking at how L~ participated a couple of months ago compared to how S~ participated this past weekend.

I was so exhausted when we were done – and we never even made it under the bed.  We ran out of time, because my parents were coming!  And S~ had a play to prepare for.  And I had Mother’s Day presents to buy & wrap.

And so yet again, I spent an entire day doing massive amounts of work and cleaning and didn’t spend a single minute in my own bedroom.  Sorting through the massive pile of both dirty and clean clothes and the summer-clothes bin which is half empty, and with some winter clothes thrown on top (and the half that isn’t empty is full of clothes that don’t fit, thanks to the foot surgery/weight gain debacle … although I’m close to making them fit).

So the door gets shut.  Then people won’t find out that I’m the biggest slob in the house.

(Except for, you know, all of the internets.)


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