5 Years

July 16, 2010

I went out with some law school friends after work tonight.

I wasn’t very social in law school (due to the family waiting at home), so I don’t often catch up with my classmates.  But a couple times a year, a few of us get together & catch up on our careers and lives in general.

We were talking about how fast the past few years have gone by.  One of my friends said he hadn’t been to his home town since one of his cousins got married 5 years ago, and he couldn’t believe he went back to find that kids he’d not met since they were born were running around and talking up a storm.

I said, “Yeah, S~ is starting high school in the fall ….”

And they both just about fell out of their chairs.

When we met, I was saying, “I have two daughters, they’re in 1st and 3rd grades.”

Now they’re in 7th and 9th.

Wow.  We’ve all grown so much.


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