Like a Bat in a Cave

July 17, 2010

That is me.  Hiding in my air conditioned living room.  One of the only air conditioned rooms in the house.  Freakin’ 94 degree day.

But at least I have True Blood episodes to watch.

Not sure how I’m going to procure food.  I was going to cook for myself, but now I’ve turned all anti-sun, and so I’m not sure how I can get to the grocery store (stupid car is with stupid husband in a stupid other state, so I would have to WALK … in 94 degree heat).


S~ texted me from the middle of the country to say that a friend’s cat had babies.  Two of them.  She wants them.  She sent me a photo, and I was underwhelmed.  They weren’t that … special looking.

We already have a cat.  My cat.  Well, at least he was mine first.  WD sort of co-opted our exclusive relationship and became a co-caretaker of the cat.

He is white & orange, and is really breath-takingly beautiful.  For reals.

For a little while, we had another cat.  She was pure black, and uhhh … special.  Only not like my cat is.  This one was a little slow.  A little spazzy (a lot spazzy).  She actually got so spazzy one day, that her brain went … POP!  True story.  (It was likely an aneurism.  She was 5.)

Since we lost the baby-cat just over a year ago, we keep every now and again talking about getting another cat.  We talked about abyssinians.  And then we saw some other cute little kittens that a friend had.  But nothing’s ever “perfect.”  We never take the plunge.

I think I want two kittens, because our cat is old.  Ish.  I mean, he’s as healthy as he was when he was 3.  He’s still a stellar hunter, and a picture of health.  But he’s still 11 years old.

And … well, he didn’t necessarily like the baby-cat.  I think he likes being the solo cat.  She bugged him.  Whenever she tried to get playful, he hissed and gave her very dirty looks.  He wouldn’t even cuddle with her.  Sometimes, she just wanted to be near him – on the same windowsill, on the oppsite end of the couch, and you could see him sneer at her as he walked away.

Maybe it was just because the BabyCat was a little slow.  He didn’t like her.  But maybe he just wanted to be alone.  If we get a kitten, it could potentially be a lonely kitten.  Because the Boy might be mean.

So we need 2.

Rational solution, right?

But the ones S~ found are all boring-looking.  They’re that simple tabby brown/black stripy kind of cat.  S~ keeps going on and on with “they’re only one week old!  We don’t know what they are going to look like yet!”

Biggest problem being that they are at her friend’s summer house.  The same summer house that S~ will be at for an extended visit in the beginning of August.

With the kittens.

She’s gonna fall in love, and she’s gonna whine, and she’s gonna beg, and she’s gonna plead, and because WD and I are suckers for kittens, we might – just might – break down.

Just a wee sampling of how it looks so far [text convo bt me and S~]:

Her:  Here’s a picture of them nursing, with their mom.

Me:    The mom is pretty, but the kittens are boring-looking.

Her:   They’re a week old!  They could grow up looking different!”

Me:    Then prepare to take multiple photos while you’re there to convince me.

Her:   OK.  But it wud [note to say grrrr to the spelling] really be perfect if we got them 🙂

Me:     We’ll see.

Her:    I vote we seriously consider them as an option

Me:     Yr vote is noted

Her:   Is it seconded?

Her:   ?

Me:   Not yet.

Her:  They can be seriously considered before we say we want them.  I mean, not all cats are [the Boy].

Me:    But I want cute cats.

Me:    We’ll have them for a v long time

Her:  Mom!  they r cute! It wud b great!

Her:   And it wud b good for them if they continued to c [her friend]

Me:    That wouldn’t actually matter

Me:    I want v pretty cats

Her:    Ur so superficial

Me:      Oh whatever

Her:     Superficial ppl get cute unsocial cats

Me:       [the Boy] is v social

Her:      Trust me if ur too picky they wont be social

I guess we’ll see how it all goes.  I will keep you posted.



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