July 24, 2010

My sister-in-law IM’d me today via Facebook.  Didn’t really carry on wit hthe usual “hi, how are you”s before delving into “is this year your mother’s 60th?”

Oops. (doing the math ….)

Uh, yeah.

And her birthday is SUPER-soon.

So we’re on the phone, scrambling, trying to find time where I’m not picking kids up from airports or dropping them off at camps or working or going to the doctor for post-op appointments.


I think we’ve come up with an answer, and my dad approves.

Writer Dude and I drive down to Connecticut next Saturday – show up at my brother’s house (as opposed to my parents’ house, our usual destination).  Brother & Sister-in-law invite mom and dad over for early evening appetizers & drinks.  We surprise mom with my presence.  Then sister-in-law leaves her 1 and 3 year olds with her next-door-neighbor parents, and the 6 of us head out to dinner.  When we get to dinner, surprise!  Look mom, all your friends are here!

Dad’s working on the friends part.

I wish I were wealthy.  If I were, I would buy my sister a plane ticket to come from California.  But alas, I am just a poor girl from a poor family …


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