Today … Gratitude

July 29, 2010

My Writer Dude is a great husband.  I offer 3 pieces of evidence:

1)  I came home last night, slightly grouchy and headachey after a lousy commute and a newly discovered rash where my bandages had been, to the world’s most delicious meal:

  • Barbecue short ribs, so moist and yet charred.  Sweet and yet savory.  Amazing.
  • Potato Salad.  But not just potato salad:  SWEET potato (my favorite), goat cheese, scallions, and who knows what else, still warm and creamy and amazing;
  • Home made sweet pickles.  mmmmm.

I licked my fingers.  I had seconds.  I smiled big smiles.

2)  That rash that developed yesterday?  It really hurts.  I have very fair skin, and it would not be unusual, or a departure from my family’s experiences, if I was actually allergic to the adhesive on the bandages.  I loved that the bandages were so solidly adhered post-surgery, because it made them waterproof, and allowed to me shower.  But now that they’re off, my skin is raised, red & angry in the very shape of them.  And because of where I had surgery, some of that is directly INSIDE my armpit.  And it’s hot outside.  92 yesterday.  And I had to wear a suit to attend a hearing.  And I had to walk to the courthouse.  (All of three blocks … but still, it was 92 degrees.  And we had to wait at the lights before we could cross.)

And the commute was no cooler, and the stations downtown where I pick up the train … they’re actual saunas.  It was so miserable.  I thought fainting was a total option.  Between the misery of the heat itself and then the skin that was on FIRE.  Ugh.

And my very, very sweet husband kindly took care of me.  Helped to apply aloe to my sad, sad rash, and tucked me into bed with my nightly back scratch and a kiss on the cheek, and I was able to sleep soundly for more hours than I usually manage to fit into a busy schedule.

3)  In the past 6 months, I’ve had a pretty sore shoulder.  I wasn’t/am not sure why.  It could be from carrying home my work computer too often – it could be from my sleeping positions.  For some reason, in the past few years, I’ve taken to sleeping with my arms completely above my head.  Sometimes I sleep ON the arm while it’s above my head.  Sometimes, I’m on my back with my arms just … up there.  I don’t think it’s good for me, especially in light of the soreness.   The soreness got bad enough in June that it was restricting my range of motion.  (At the same time, since I took 2 weeks off in June/July, I haven’t brought my computer back & forth as much, and the pain has now subsided, and I have full range of motion.)

Of course, WD is aware of the pain, and the possibility of the sleeping position as the cause.  So last night, while half asleep and in the middle of the night, he was reaching over and oh-so-gently moving my arm down from the flailed- above-the-head position.  It was very cute.  Even if I was a less-than-appreciative at the time, because putting my arms down hurt the stupid rash.  But then he (in his sleep, I think) scratched my back again, and so everything was all better.

So, thank you, love, for your kindness & care-taking.


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