August 2, 2010

Maybe now it will be time for me to be whole again.  For the past few weeks, I’ve felt a bit … empty.  But now the girls are back home!  And August will be spent with their comings and goings, Writer-Dude’s schedule will get back to normal, and my work is picking back up.  The mid-summer malaise should now dissipate, and I can be me again.

But as the wrap up for the child-less window:

  • went to my parents’ house for Mom’s birthday celebration.  That went well (no sarcasm).
    • I saw my brother for the first time in a while, and that was nice.  He was a clever dude, had WD and I giggling a few times today – just remembering his goofy quips.  He also has 2 very adorable young children.  Funny how his super-shy, slow-to-warm-up 18 month old finds WD the most compelling, and was instantly jumping with abandon from a table top into his arms (making me very nervous … because apparently, I am a ninny), and running to him for comfort when she was feeling slighted by her exuberant 3 year old brother.  INSTANTLY.  But yet she wouldn’t look at me without the chin-quiver of fear until our last 10 minutes there.  WTF?
    • Went out to dinner with a host of my mom’s nearest and dearest pals (i.e., Bible Study Buddies).  I leaned over to WD soon after we got there and whispered “present here is 2/3ds of my Facebook blocked list.”  And it is true.  The people we were there with are the ones who constantly take polls to weigh in on their opinions regarding the sinfulness of gay marriage, the muslim-ness of our president (and the inauthenticity of his birth certificate), and the wiley illegal immigrants.  I tried un-friending at one point, but had to back-pedal and claim “mistake,” and then implement the handy-dandy “hide” function instead.
    • Same them to say:  These people Really Hate Hilary.  This means they also Really Hate Chelsea.  And yesterday was the wedding.  So WD and I (the known democrats) were peppered with questions “do you think they could have spent more on the wedding if they wanted to?” “do you think she’s going to challenge Obama in 2012?”  “Do you think she’ll run WITH Obama in 2012?”  Poor WD had to deal with me squeezing his knee saying “please lets not talk about politics, please?”  While I was thrumming listening to the “of course, I wouldn’t put anything past HER!”  But it was MOM’S BIRTHDAY!!  Stop!  Don’t force me to lash out, please??
  • My surgery sites are really healing nicely.  Too bad the horrendous painful & itch rash that covers a 12 inch diameter AROUND the sites isn’t healing at all, and is making me miserable at all times.  Not only is the rash from the adhesives still there, but I ended up with an allergic reaction to the over the counter medicine my doctor told me to put on the rash.  So instead of fixing the rash, it basically made it worse.  Bigger, itchier, and clearly longer-lasting.  Woo hoo!

And now, time to resume the normal program of kids, work, life.  Happy to have the kids back.


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