Starting over, sweaty

August 10, 2010

Right off the bat, I have to say:  I am so sick and tired of the heat.  I want cool nights.  I want my windows open.  I want to wonder in the morning “which sweater should I bring to work today?”  These are the things I want.  I do not want to walk out of my air conditioned bedroom first thing in the morning to be greeted by a wall of humidity and miserable.

Fortunately here in New England, we’ve been treated with reprieves from 85+ temperatures on the weekends.  This past Saturday, while I was taking my Little Mouse to her first ever sleep-away camp, it was in the low to mid 70s.  Delicious.  Sunday was also passable, if you stayed in the shade.

But then, the work week starts, and BAM!  90 degrees again.  Of course, it’s during the work week that I have to, maybe, you know, wear a SUIT!!

Like yesterday, because I had to go to court.  And like tomorrow, because I again have to go to court.  Gross.

Now we will move on past the whining, to talk about “Starting Over.”

Today – finally – was the first day I went running since my surgery.   I probably could have gone a few days ago, as the pesky rash had abated, but it was the weekend, and I had to get Mouse to camp, and then Writer-Dude and I were on our own, and had the joy of Sleeping In, etc.   Then yesterday, I probably could have gone – physically – but I had to meet a client at 8:30, and had to swing by the office first, and so I already was in Super-Early Mode on a Monday.  Yuck.

Today, however, was circled in Red.  I told myself that I must get up, I must go outside, I must move my lazy body.

And I did.

I thought that I would just go for a walk, since it’s been weeks.  But once I got to my favorite body of water, my legs were itching, and so I jogged some.  I didn’t jog as much as I had been, but I jogged enough to say “okay, tomorrow, I will start Couch to 5k again.”

I also put the 30 Day Shred back on my Netflix Queue, since I returned it before the surgery.  I played with some weights over the weekend, and feel more than up to it.  So I will return to that, as well.  not sure yet how I will toggle the two, but I really appreciate the upper body work out of the 30 Day Shred.

Now to go and try to finish a post that I started 4 days ago about parenting teens …


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