Free Shakespeare = Free Love

August 12, 2010

Wow.  That title seems scandalous.

But no.

Today I was reminded of the early years (again …)  When the babies would fall asleep in my arms, after oh-so-long of wishing they would.  Back aching, pains shooting down the legs, but a completely inability to do anything about it, because finally, there’s peace, and a happy, sleepy, sweaty head on the shoulder.

When even a 13 pound sack of love felt like it was 100 pounds.

Today it was Shakespeare on the Common.  A great idea that a friend had – let’s bring our 14 yos!  Yes!  They are drama hounds, looking forward to the high school’s Shakespeare plays.  At least Lemon has enjoyed all of her Shakespeare lessons in school, and from a very young age was explaining plot points to me when the archaic language lost me.

The sun went down, and the miserable heat we’ve been having disappeared.  We had sweaters, but thin ones.  There were people in front of us, who were tall-ish.

All of a sudden, girls were on moms’ laps.  Lemon was wrapping my arms around her.

The play was 3 hours long.  I spent the entire time thinking about the pain in my back as I was supporting both of us while sitting on a blanket on the hard ground, and how so very nice it was, to have this moment.  I welcomed the pain, as much as I welcomed my still-little-girl on my lap.  I thought about what it used to be.  I tried my best to soak in the cool air, and the break from the growing and the maturing and the separating.

And I also enjoyed the differences.  When she turned her head, planted a kiss on my cheek and said, “Am I hurting you?  Are you okay?”  And then 10 minutes later, “do you know what’s going on?  do you need me to explain anything?”

Little brat.



One comment

  1. Everytime one of my girls snuggles with me, I wonder how many more I have left. They are becoming fewer and farther between. I actually liked it when one of my twins had a nightmare last week and crawled in bed with me.

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