August 21, 2010

Mouse has been at camp for the past 2 weeks.  It has been nice to have alone time with Lemon, for the most part.  I had a few moments in there where I wasn’t hearing from my camper, and it made me nervous.

During my Mah Jongg weekend, my hostess’ daughter wrote her parents (her camp being lots more modern, and allowing emailed letters, where we were dealing not only with old fashioned snail mail, but our address included the line “via U.S. Mailboat”) and said “I got a letter from [Mousey] and she seemed kind of sad.  She said she was making lots of friends, though, because everyone loves her glow in the dark nail polish.”

Mom-cat got her hackles up at that.  Writer Dude worked with me to consider the source.  Etc., etc.  I knew he was right, and she was probably fine, but the nervousness didn’t go away.

Fortunately, we came home to a letter that was very bright & happy.

We had a few more this week, with cute little quotes like, “I hope you guys aren’t missing my awesomeness too much!” and “We get up really early, but that’s okay, because I like and look forward to what we do during the day.”  And fun descriptions about her friends and her archery prowess (so cool).

Even though I knew she was happy, I was thrilled to drive to New Hampshire today and fetch her!  And even more excited to see the boat approach the dock:

She was up and happy, and (of course) STARVING.  She couldn’t order her thoughts hardly at all, trying to get it all out – what she did, who she can’t wait to see again next year, how much fun she had.  It was great.

No sadness, no homesickness.  She was sorry to tell us that she did not miss us. We were not sorry to hear it.  Even though we missed her a lot. And a lot.  And are thrilled to have her back.


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