August 24, 2010

Last week, I spent a couple of evenings after work cleaning.

Probably a normal thing for many people to say.

Not for me.

I hate cleaning.  I don’t do it often, and I hate to do it.  I also have a high threshold for a mess.  Most of the time.

But then, all of a sudden, the mess will start to bother me.  And I’ll be on a tear through the house, and everyone who lives with me will find a corner to hide in.

We have two bathrooms – a half bath in the hallway, and a full bath, which connects my bedroom to the living room (weird, I know).   We often close the door to the main bathroom when people come around.  Because I use the floor of it as my own personal hamper.

The hall bathroom, however, I can get the girls to clean on alternating weekends.

The main bathroom is an issue.

Everyone in the houses uses it.  It’s our only shower, and it’s most convenient to the living room.  There’s no doubt that everyone in the house sees it.  And therefore sees the mess that it is.

But yet, I am the only one who cleans it.


(To be fair, before I gave it a thorough cleaning this most recent time, I spent 30-45 minutes sorting through a laundry basket of clean clothes, and a pile of dirty clothes – all mine – before I could start).

And now that it – the worst room in our house – is clean, I am very anxious to have a perfect house.

My bedroom used to be the worst room in the house.  But I took care of that earlier in the summer, and while I need a small refresher, it has stayed relatively clean since.

But now I walk through the rooms, and I see that the oldish doors between our rooms, which have these ridges and nooks on them, are dusty.  Under the free-standing heaters, dust is on the floor.  Stuff like that.

And I hate it.

For the past 3 years, I have been saying I am going to hire someone to clean my house.

But despite the fact that I make a ridiculous salary, I never feel like I can afford an extra $200/month in expenses.

And as long as we’re all slobs to the degree that we apparently are, I feel like it will take 1,000,000 hours just to get the house to the point where I can let someone in to clean it.

But I also think that once we have someone coming in to clean it, we will have that goal to keep our respective rooms and bathrooms clean and our clutter put away.

My husband isn’t thrilled with the idea of having someone come in to clean the house.  I think he thinks me lazy, for wanting someone to come and clean up after me.  We can set aside the fact that dusting is not cleaning up “after me,” and we can also state for the record that he makes fair contributions to the household.

As in – I never cook, I never clean the kitchen (he does it every night, and throughout the day – although he doesn’t clean the kitchen FLOOR), and I never grocery shop.  I also never carpool [well, I sometimes carpool], and I do not procure and hang photos.

When I am working to keep up with the house on my own, it makes me unhappy.  My job is relatively demanding.  the summer has been slow, but in normal times, I am expected to work 10 hour days.  Sometimes 12.  While I have been lucky for the most part – I can also be required to bring work home on the weekends.  I do not really want to then spend the time off I do have on the weekends scrubbing the floors and the walls and the bathrooms.  It makes me grouchy.  It makes me mad that often when I spend my Saturday in this manner, others are either complaining that we aren’t doing anything fun, or they’re sitting around goofing off on the internet.  I get very grumbly and resentful.

And so I am now working on my project — I am cleaning slowly through the house, and trying to get the girls to do the same.  I am going to try to implement systems that prevent the usual mess-gathering (i.e., how about a REAL hamper in the bathroom?).

Sometimes, I feel like I got stuck at age 13.



  1. I hear ya. I HATE cleaning. Hate it. My luxury is having someone clean my house. (I often say the only reason I went to law school was so that I could afford to pay someone to clean my house.) I will give up a lot to keep a housekeeper in my budget.

    And I’m right there with you on the long hours and finding time to clean. One of my justifications for a housekeeper is that it gives me more time to spend with my kids.

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