Hard to Please

August 25, 2010

I have been giving huge thumbs-down to the heat here in the Boston area all summer.  We’ve been running our air conditioners non-stop, and have been careful about when to leave the house.  All in an effort to avoid the 90+ temperatures.  I longed for the fall.  The beautiful colors, the crispness in the air.  A reprieve from the heat.

I also think I have earned the right to complain about the heat.  Not because I live in one of the hottest places, where it’s been over 100, instead of just over 90.  But because I do love the winter.  I do not complain about snow.  I like snow.  I like sweaters.  I like warm coats.  So I am not one of those people who say: “oh, it’s so cold, I can’t wait for summer” just to whine anew come summer.


I am consistent.

Last week, we had some days in the low 80s instead of the 90s, and I liked it.  Lemon and I were getting up in the mornings to run, and some days were steamy already in the morning – over 70 – and I frowned.  But then there were other mornings that bordered on nipply.  And while it was 80 during the day, it was chilly in the shade, and the breezes left you wishing for a sweater.

Then, Sunday came.  It was even cooler, and with some rain.  When Lemon came to the table for dinner on Monday, she had to dash off to get a sweater.  Her comment, “how nice to need a sweater and have it NOT be because of air conditioning!”  It had drizzled all day, and while it wasn’t cold, the temperature in the 60s felt good.

Okay – so then – why couldn’t we just stop there?

Why did the drizzles have to turn into downpours?

Why did I have to walk to and from work on Tuesday wishing I could transport myself in a waterproof bubble?

Why did I get home yesterday to peel my soaking wet dress pants off my soaking wet thighs?

Why was the rain causing this DESPITE a rain coat and an umbrella?

Why, today, did it not only have to be worse, but also have to be coupled with the stupid MBTA’s “switching problems” that caused the trains to be delayed and the cars packed with people so that the rain from our clothes was just suspended in mid-air?


Tomorrow.  Tomorrow will be a bare 80, and there will be clouds.  And I have plans to sit on my dear friend’s deck after dinner, with a couple of other friends and some new Mah Jongg tiles that Ebay sent me, and a glass (or 2.  maybe 3) of wine and a sweatshirt.  Because it will be chillier in the evening.  Yummy.


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