Pride in all the wrong places

August 27, 2010

Poor Lemon.*

She had physical therapy today, dealing with a sore knee.  They put her through the ringer, and kind of surprised her with how much they expect from her and how many exercises she has to do 3 times a day (3 sets of 15, 3 times a day).  But when Writer Dude told me that she came home and asked to “rest” before starting dinner, I wondered if something was up.

[This conversation was had via text, because of me being the workin’ mom, and him being the at-home Dude, and stuff]

I told him I found it odd, and wondered aloud (or in type, with some odd shortage of vowels) whether she was ill (and that word, the iPhone kept wanting to change to “I’ll” or “ice” or “ivy” or some other annoying thing)?  He didn’t discount it completely, but thought from the way she was acting all day that maybe she stayed up all night.  But she slept until 11:30 (sneaky devil, pretending to wake up at 10, and then secretly going back to sleep) – so being “tired” didn’t seem reasonable, even if she was up until 5 a.m. (when I got up).

I came home, and even though she had planned a meal, done the shopping for it, and planned to cook it (pan-seared tuna with asparagus),** she was in her bed – crying.  And WD was in the kitchen.

What is going on?

“I don’t feel good, mommy, and I’m so upset because I really wanted to cook, and now I can’t, and [WD] has to, and I don’t want to be sick!”  (and there were tears. they were sort of unexplained by the situation.)

Heh heh heh!  Mommy knows her little girl!  I KNEW she was sick!  Wait!  I haven’t yet proven it!

[scurries off with glee to fetch a thermometer.]  I guessed it!  I guessed it!

Sure enough, 100.9 fever.

yippee yippee!  [runs to the kitchen with the thermometer to show WD]  “Look!  She’s sick!  I knew it!”

Poor kid.   Her mother sucks.

But really, I was kind of happy.  That I had an idea – that I knew something was “off,” and that just because her social life and certain parts of her inner life are no longer something I am privvy to – I still know her.

She’s kinda still mine.

*  Yeah, I do talk about her a good bit more.  But that’s because Mouse has been deserting us all summer.  First to the Middle of the Country, then to camp, and now she’s on vacation with a friend and her family.  Can’t the child just stay home??  I mean, I want to blog about her!

** She doesn’t cook all that often, but she gave WD a coupon at Christmas-time promising to plan, shop for and cook one meal.  [a true gift for him, since he’s the daily cook.]  She planned a fantastic meal, and she and WD went shopping today before the fever hit.  She was excited and proud of her meal.


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