“Mom Has Fun with Teen Daughter”

September 16, 2010

Something in the Onion, perhaps?


Lemon and I went school shopping last Saturday.  We spent hours upon hours together, trying on jeans, dresses and skirts, throwing in a couple outlandish (and odd) accessories and winter coats for good measure. We left the house at noon, and got home well after 6.

We didn’t argue once.

There was hardly a rude word spoken in either direction.

Once, while she was coming to terms with needing a larger jean size (what a surprise!  The girl who has grown 4 inches in 6 months can no longer wear a double zero.  Oh, how appalling!), there was some derision focused toward me.  Because I would not buy jeans the cut off the circulation to everything above her hips. But she got over it quickly.

Hell, by the end of the day, she was inviting me into the changing room with her!  (I still had to close my eyes.)

It left me in a fantastic mood for at least 24 hours … until I had to work all day on Sunday and everyone was grouchy with me for it …


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  1. […] early September, I took turns shopping with my girls for school clothes to start off the new year.  Mouse was first.  Because she had time for me; […]

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