Volleyball! And Kissing! {Well, not really}

September 21, 2010

Today, Mouse tries out for the school volleyball team.

She’s pretty nervous.


Scratch that. [ I never got to finish that wee bit I started yesterday. ]

Yesterday, Mouse tried out for the Volleyball team.  She was pretty nervous.  She is still worried that she won’t make the team, which is silly, because she’s Mouse.  The girl who does well at everything she tries, no matter how diverse the activity.  Kayaking?  Yep.  Baseball?  Yep.  Singing?  Yep.  Dancing?  Yep.  Acting?  Uh huh.  Soccer?  Yes.  Long distance running?  uh huh.  Mini golf?  well, yes … for the most part.  I still kick her butt there.  I need at least one thing.

So I wasn’t really listening when she said she was afraid she wouldn’t make the team.

But WD spoke to her some, and saw that she was *really* nervous.  Because she’d been saying for years that she was going to play, and now the try outs are here, and what if she doesn’t make it?

I’m nervous a little, too.  Not that she won’t make the team, but that she is (we are) filling her plate too full this year.

Volleyball, soccer & the play.

The big school musical.  This year – Kiss Me Kate is on tap.  (It’s the 7th/8th grade show.)

My kids have been involved in these shows since we moved here from the west coast, and they have loved them.  They’ve both had great parts and great fun.  And I felt like I was taking a lot of from the school, or at least receiving a lot, and so … back when they were both in the same play when they were in 4th and 6th grades, I got “involved.”

And the next year, I produced.

And this is my third year producing.

The production process starts months and months in advance of the actual auditions and show, and so the commitment had to be made last year in the spring.  I made the commitment.

Then Mouse’s activities started to take shape, and we realized – wow.  She has a lot to do.

I kept saying that I was willing to produce the play even if she chose not to do it, and I ahve told her time and time again that she does not have to do the play.

I’m not sure she really feels that way, though.

I can’t tell.

I hope she doesn’t feel like she has to, just because I’m doing it … it’s a big commitment.  It could be up to 4 days a week, for months.  On top of twice a week soccer practice (evening hours, at least) and now twice a week volleyball.  Plus a huge increase in homework, now that she’s a 7th grader.

So I guess we’ll see how it goes ….


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