Special Brownies

September 22, 2010

Lemon’s birthday is still on Saturday.  I’m still in trial.  A major but very interesting trial-related task has been scheduled for Saturday.

This sucks.

I was going to take the entire day off, and now I don’t feel like I can.

But I asked her last night what her “ideal” birthday would look like.  The response?

  • I sleep really late.
  • We all [the family] go see a movie;
  • [Writer Dude] makes me shepard’s pie for dinner;
  • We have brownies for dessert;
  • We watch a movie after dinner;
  • We watch the Saturday Night Live season premiere at 11:35.

Maybe I can get away with working until 3?

But I said, “brownies?  Don’t you want a cake?”  She said, “fine.”  I said, “what?”  She said, “I just don’t like cakes as much as I like brownies.”

My thinking – in depriving my child of her ideal dessert on her birthday – was that we have brownies with some regularity.  WD likes to keep a box, and whip it up when someone declares a chocolate craving (no more than once a month).

So, I said,

“Fine, if that’s your favorite dessert, you can have it.  But do you want th same old kind we always have?  Or do you want me to make you special brownies?”

So she said:

“Ya know, mom, most mothers don’t offer their daughters special brownies on their 14th birthday.  You’re pretty cool.”

Then I had a slight panic attack because while I was referring to caramel, my 14 yo was referencing drugs!  What the heck??  [Every time I freak out about this, she tells me that she learned it all in Health Class.]


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