September 28, 2010

All that’s left is the verdict, and I realized on my way home today – I am much less invested in that than I thought I would be.  And I’m also surprised at the relative sense of loss that I felt when we finished things up.  I spent a LOT of my time on this project, and it’s weird to think it’s just done.

The last week is a blur.  Work consumed all, and I’m almost disoriented in that I am at home since pre-6p.m.

I managed to reserve most of Saturday for Lemon on her birthday.  I made her pancakes and bacon in the morning while WD and Mouse went to a soccer game [then I worked] and I took her and a friend to a movie, and then we had an evening together as a family.

Mouse made the volleyball team, and is excited.  Lemon is having a harder time with high school academics than I realized, and so I’m feeling guilty, in light of my recent and consistent absence.  But it’s early – we can work it out.

Well.  I need to go to bed now.  Coherence tomorrow.


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