Blind as a Bat. (Or some other animal that can see pretty well, actually.)

October 19, 2010

In early September, I took turns shopping with my girls for school clothes to start off the new year.  Mouse was first.  Because she had time for me; Lemon was running around with her friends non-stop, almost desperately clinging to the elementary school relationships before high school came crashing in.  So I let her, and only threw hundreds of dollars toward one of my children.  Oh, woe is me.

At one point, after lunch and before we returned to stores for the items we weren’t sure about on the first go-through, Mouse had to pee like a race horse.  She was frantic for a bathroom (which is typical – all of a sudden, it’s an EMERGENCY.  You’d think she hasn’t spent 12 years with this bladder, for her to still be so unaware of the early signs) – because I am not the worlds biggest shopper, I was not familiar with the mall, and so we were struggling to find a bathroom.  I followed the signs, but we found ourselves in a strange service corridor.  So we went into Lord & Taylor instead.  Even though I typically avoid the department stores like the plague, because I feel like I spent my entire childhood sitting under the racks in J.C. Penny or some other low-grade department store while my mother combed the sale racks.

So, we’re in Lord & Taylor, and I’m sort of teasing her about whether or not she’s going to wet her pants while looking around for some indication of where the restrooms are.  I see the sign across the store and I say, “hey – there’s the women’s room over there.”

And the child is bewildered.  “how do you know that??!!”  Well, darling, because I read the sign?

(She is a very smart 7th grader.  Finding and reading of signs should not be a mystery to her.)

“What sign?”

“That one, over there.”

“You can READ that?”


No, seriously.




What did she mean?  Of course I could read it.  Clear as day.

She couldn’t.  It was all blurry.

She had her last check up 10 months previous, when she was deemed to have perfect or close to it vision.  So why couldn’t she see as well as her 38 year old mother?

That was Clue No. 1.

A week or so later, after school started, she informed me that the board in her classroom was blurry.  Lemon had been in that classroom just over a year previous and said, “Mom, if she can’t see the board from the back in that classroom, something is seriously wrong iwth her eyes.”


A week or so later, she and I were driving, and were stopped at a stop light.  I noticed her head turned almost completely around, and so I said, “what are you DOING?!?”

“I’m trying really hard to read that sign over there.”  The sign wasn’t that far away.  It was perfectly clear to me.

In the meantime, the school was sending me letters reminding me that she failed two hearing screenings last year, and that I was suppose to get her a follow up scoliosis test from her pediatrician.

I called the pediatrician, made appointments for annual physicals for JANUARY (why so hard?), and had to make another appointment for “Mouse is generally falling apart” reasons.  I also made an appointment with an opthamologist.

WD took her to the pediatrician, because my volunteer doo-hickey thing was falling apart, and I had to deal with it.  I received multiple texts, though, during my meeting, to tell me that her vision had deteriorated from 20/30 to 20/80 in less than a year.

20/80 sounded horrible to me.  But that’s because I have really outstanding vision.  I may even be superhuman.  Even people with 20/20 vision can’t see the street signs I can see from miles and miles away.

The pediatrician said we still might not need to get her glasses – just wait and see waht the eye doctor says.  She also said her son had a blip in 7th or 8th grade where his vision was blurry, and then it went away.  It’s just one of the many, many, many growing pains.

{Both my girls have outgrown their muscles, causing knee pain.  Seriously — their bones grew super-fast during growth spurts, and the muscles didn’t bulk up as quickly, and muscle weakness was causing pain in the knee.  Now Mouse’s eyeballs outgrew their lenses.  Apparently.}

When we had our last physical and Lemon had her eyes checked, she was crossing her fingers that they would find terrible vision.  She wants glasses like she wants nothing else.  She has even considered spending her own money on frames with blank lenses.

But Mouse is very sports-oriented.  She’d need glasses and contacts, for the sports, and didn’t want to deal with that.  She also said that if she’s going to need glasses, she’d rather it happen after her braces are off.  So, uh.  She’s sports and appearance oriented.

Yesterday was the eye doctor appointment.

He felt that she does have some impairment of vision, but that it is not enough to require her to wear glasses at this point.  He gave us a prescription, in case the not-seeing-of-the-board is problematic and we choose to get glasses anyway.  He also said that she may keep getting worse, or it may be the same kind of blip that the pediatrician had mentioned.  But because the Ex is – truly – Blind as a Bat – Mouse said the doctor said she will likely just get worse.  But WD said the doctor said that she’ll probably be back to normal in a year.  They both were hearing what they wanted to hear, I think.

But then all last night, Mouse was doing happy little dances about the fact that she doesn’t need glasses yet.

We’ll see how it goes from here.  Maybe her eyeballs will straighten themselves out, maybe she will prove that she does not share all of her genes with me.  Poor thing.  😉





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