Head Less Spinning

October 19, 2010

I may have mentioned before – this is not my first blog.

Way back when, in, oh, 2005?  I was a pretty regular blogger.  I managed to post 1, 2, 3 times a day.  I had actual traffic.

This is the second time I tried to get back to it, and just cannot find the groove of consistency.  Honestly, since the middle of September when the trial I was working on ramped up to its full speed, I forgot I even had a blog …

But the trial ended.  And I spent a week or two just basking in my family and my house, and doing not-enough-laundry.

All through the trial and beyond, I’ve also been working on a volunteer project for the kids’ school.   Last week, that went off the rails.  We had a major catastrophe that took up so much of my time and my effort and my emotions, I was floored.

Yesterday, I went to my cell phone’s account on the internet, and could not believe that my minutes for the month were flashing yellow.  I was very close to exceeding them, only half a month in.  That has never happened to me.  We have a family plan with the lowest amount of shared minutes (700).  Because our major form of communication is either (a) face-t0-face; (b) texting; or (c) emailing – we do not use the minutes.  Ever.

This is a good thing, though, because I also have 3,000 roll over minutes sitting there waiting to kick in if we use the final 7 in this month’s plan. I had talked on the phone for 558 minutes.  Between October 2 and October 18.  Insane.

I also was a little (sickly) proud to see that I was the Queen of the Texts this month.  I was beating out both the girls.  I was at 500+, and Lemon had only 400-something, while Mouse and WD were trailing with 100 or less.

So now that the volunteer hell seems to have quieted, the trial is still over, and the girls are pretty well-settled into their activities and such, I will again try to be a consistent blogger.



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