Confession Time.

October 27, 2010

Last Friday?

We watched Rocky Horror.

No, I do not mean “WD and I watched Rocky Horror.”

I mean, “The entire family watched Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

No, not a sanitized version.

The real thing.

Proof?  Mouse is singing in the shower right now …. she’s singing “t-t-t-touch me, I want to be diiiirty!”

Ya. She’s 12.

Maaaayyyybe I forgot just how … advanced. that movie is.

But I didn’t turn it off.

I sat there, slightly squirmy, thinking about how I was educating my kids about tolerance.  About people Who Are Not Them.

And I let it go, and I enjoyed the movie.

So then, when we watched Glee last night, the girls had a blast.  They got the humor when Meatloaf and Barry Botsworth showed up.  They enjoyed the contrast of Mercedes as FrankenFurter.

We had fun.

And we didn’t freak out that a boy was in bed with a boy [okay, man, whatever].

All kidding aside, I think that’s valuable.


One comment

  1. Loves that you did that, seriously.

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