Long Day at Work

November 1, 2010

All of my days have been long, lately, really.

When I was in trial in September, days were crazy-long.  Cray-zee.

Then I stopped working for a couple weeks.  That was nice and relaxing.  One day, a rainy Wednesday, to be exact, I played Angry Birds all day long.  Talk about relaxed.

Then I decided to put myself back on the radar at work, and man!  Did I ever.

I think it’s a fun thing about my job that what I do today feels absolutely nothing like what I was doing a month ago.  I work with different people, in different areas of law, getting to know different industries.  I still keep in touch with the people I worked so closely with on the older cases, and so my world is only growing, not just shrinking.

But – my days!  They’re so long!

I used to always leave by 6:30 (which people in most industries would consider late – for me & mine, it’s early). But all of a sudden, 8 p.m. is turning way too often on my work clock.

I think it’s partly my own fault.  I think that after the trial, I had so much down time, I got used to doing too many non-work things at my desk.  Blogging, for one.  (oops!)  Today was my diving into Twitter.  A few days of catching up on every single post of my favorite blogs.

So I need to re-focus.  So I can enjoy my job and my family, and dinner with my family, and kids who don’t starve to death because their mom can’t get her ass in gear ….


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