Dressing my Teen

November 4, 2010

Yeah, right.  As if she’d let me.

Well, at least not all the way.

My firm recently relocated.  We went from a purely business district that shut down completely at 6 p.m. on Friday and showed no signs of life (other than those of us who occasionally had to slink around the empty sidewalks on Saturday or Sunday, showing our badges to the lone security guard, to be let into the building) again until 7 a.m. on Sunday, to – well – a mall.

That’s right.  I now work in a mall.

Sort of.

The building that we work in is plunked directly on top of the center of a MALL.

A shopping mall.

Not a D.C.-type mall.

A “come here to buy clothes and crappy accessories from carts in the center of the walkway” kind of mall.

[God – I hate those carts.  Do you know how FAST I could walk?  If those carts weren’t causing the traffic to create two narrow pathways?  And causing the traffic to walk slowly, wondering “ooooh, what’s on that cart?  Is that a watch band?  Oh – no – it’s a headband.  Not interested in that.  I don’t think.  But maybe my grand-daughter would be interested?  Therefore, I should walk sooooooooper slow.  While  I think about it.”]

Yes, I’m having a hard time adjusting to this aspect of the move.*

It’s kinda making me sick of Ann Taylor.

I pass it twice a day, every day.  {although there is a soft grey fall/early winter coat that I really like … and a gray jacket that could go with my MANY black pants and skirts, and looks pretty soft … and an additional black skirt!  Looks comfy …}

Okay, maybe not so sick of Ann Taylor.

But let’s pretend I am.

And so then I keep passing this one store … Free People … and I think “Lemon would look so great in those clothes!”

I’ve been sharing things I see with her, trying to feel out her style.  I take pictures, even though I’m not sure that’s legal in a store, and show her.

Fun that she often likes the things I spot.  Fun things for young people with tiny little stick-bodies.

but the better thing is when she likes the things I *own!*

I actually can’t believe it happens.  But the other day – she found my black leather boots.  I’d worn them on Halloween, and in typical Suzie fashion, took them off while chatting with a friend and left them under the dining room table.

But she was a little bummed when I refused to share.

She since found her own version (much less work-ready).  I’m okay with them.  Slutty heels?  no!  $1,000 ?? No!  Then OKAY!!  (Although — shouldn’t they be a Christmas gift?  I mean … I just bought her rain boots.  And some Converses (because how can life be complete without them?)

So can’t the boots be a gift??




However – the fact that this move has cut my commute into a THIRD – and the fact that I can now get to work in 20 minutes, instead of an hour – that, I am getting used to.



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  2. […] wanted boots.  Black high boots to wear over her skinny jeans.  She found mine one day, as I had previously mentioned, and decided she needed some.  The ones she chose sold out in her size before I bought them (the […]

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