Vocab Words

November 4, 2010

Mouse:  Study my vocab words with me!

Me: Fine.  What is “persuasive”?

Mouse: The power to pass through or spread around.

Me:  Uhhhh.

Lemon: What did she just say?  Is that Pervasive?

Me:  Mouse, she’s right.  Your cards are wrong!

Mouse: You just can’t read my writing. I wrote Pervasive.

Me: Oh.  Well.  Whatever.  What’s “diaphragm?”

Mouse: A membrane that separates two objects.  For example, the abdominal cavity and the chest cavity.

Me:  Ew. (super mature)

Mouse: Yeah.  My teacher had to tell us today about a diaphragm … as in the birth control.

Me:  She *had* to?

Mouse: Well, she chose to.

Me: Yeah, important distinction.

Lemon: Ya know, Mouse, you got the definition wrong.  It doesn’t say ‘for example,’ it says ‘such as’ the abdominal cavity and the chest cavity. (another important distinction?  mmmm no.)

Me: Or!  “such as, the sperm and the cervix!”

Them:  [blank stares]

Mouse: Yeah, mom.  That’s what it is.  [eye roll]

Lemon: Like, duh.

Me: [pouting, disappointed with the lack of ability to shock my children, now that they have the benefits of 7th and 9th grade health curricula.]



  1. LOL! You’re kids are better adjusted than my little pearl-clutcher. Last week, TT was working on her bat report and got hung up on the reproduction section.

    TT: “Dad, what’s sperm?”
    PS: Eyerolling “you don’t want to know.”
    DH: “I’ll explain it as soon as I’m done helping PS with her math homework.
    TT: “Should I just google ‘sperm’?”
    PS: “Would you please stop saying that word?”
    DH: “Noooooo…DO NOT google ‘sperm'”

    • Ha ha!! I’m glad she didn’t google sperm. That would have been bad 🙂

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