Teenage Angst

November 5, 2010

Is it over-reacting to respond to a 14 yo’s freak out/emotional blow up by looking for recommendations to a therapist for adolescents?

she didn’t just say “oh my gawd! why did you LOOK at me that way?  You are SOOOO annoying.”

She said “mommy, I think something may be wrong with me.  Why do little things upset me so much, when for other people, they’re just … little things?”

And if, really, it is just teenage angst, is it so wrong to find a professional to help her walk through it?  I mean, why should the angst be suffered with no guidance?

Today, I am kind of tired.  Because the teenage angst never visits our house until at least 10 p.m.  It also ignores the fact that I am in bed, with my eyes closed, and maybe with the sweet, regular breathing of sleep.

So … any thoughts?



  1. Its not overreacting. If you find someone who is good with teens, who will help her feel like its normal without patronizing her, and you have the resources, I say do it.

  2. I think she was asking for help (from one formerly very troubled, depressed 14 year old who was lucky enough to have Prozac come on the market when it did) in a way that shows the two of you have a great relationship. If she could have handled it on her own, she wouldn’t have said it. Good luck finding a therapist, though. It’s so hard to find a good fit at that age.

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