Morning Rush

November 15, 2010

Getting ready to leave the house this morning, I thought I’d check in on Lemon, half wondering if she fell back to sleep.*

She wasn’t in her room, so I thought I’d check the bathroom. Our bathroom door opens in, and was mostly closed, so I peeked in at the little frack of the door to see if she was there.

Out if habit, my eyes were peering in at my chest level, to see if she was there. I was physically startled when my eyes had to readjust to find her – adult-sized, at eye level.

I say I love them growing up. I say I don’t miss their younger years.

But today ….

* mouse leaves considerably earlier. Odd that in this town, high school starts later than the rest. Of course, Lemon doesn’t mind that extra bit of sleep!


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