Vacation Stress

November 17, 2010

I’m in the throes of that work-spell that leads up to a vacation – the major stress time. Where instead of getting things done and watching my list grow shorter and shorter, I’m getting things done and watching my list grow longer and longer … beacuse people are thinking “she’s leaving!  quick! let’s get her to do this stuff before she goes!”

And I keep finding myself saying things like, “oh, I’ll be around over the weekend!” and therefore inviting more of the piling-on.

And I will be here over the weekend.

What I’m not telling people is that I will also be here on Monday and most of Tuesday.

I’m not telling people that because I need those days.  For that other favored task … cleaning the house.  (Blech.)

Because we have a ridiculous amount of animals, including young kittens, and so we have friends coming into the house at least once a day to play with the kittens and to be sure taht they aren’t wrecking our house (which they may do).

My house is in no shape for friends to have access to all of the deep recesses and dusty corners.  No shape for that at all.

I also need to launder lots of clothes, and be sure that the girls are ready to be packed onto an airplane on Tuesday.

So I have a lot to do.  I’d like to do it during the day, and not in the middle of the night.  If I have to work during the day, I will be doing these cleaning-things in the middle of the night.  And it will be bad.

At one point yesterday, when I was told I had to write a major memo before Thanksgiving, I thought “eegads!  I only have two days!” But then I realized it was Tuesday – not Wednesday.  And I calmed down.  But then I got a call yesterday evening saying “let’s write three major memos!”  And then I freaked back out.

But I will say that the people I’m working with are respecting my vacation, when it is pointed out to them, and solutions are being found.

Back to the stress, now …




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