Finally, a Fun Weekend

November 20, 2010

Sort of my first weekend without work.  Except that I got up at 8 and worked on finishing a project until noon …


But now!?  VACATION!!


I am very excited.

Kicked it off with a fun lunch out with the Mouse, to celebrate her Straight As Report Card.  Go Mouse!  We went to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant, and ate too much food.  We chatted about school, the movie we watched last night –

Defiance, with Daniel Craig.  WD and I didn’t expect her to watch it with us – she came home from a dance when we were more than half way through.  She’s pretty good at knowing when something is too much for her, so I thought she’d be leaving the room soon.  movies about Jewish refugees hiding from Nazis, starving and barely surviving in the forests of Eastern Europe, sprinkled with occasional battles and death (thanks, Nazis.  Jerks.) didn’t seem her speed.  But the movie was awesome, and pretty powerful, and she ddin’t leave.  And then we talked about it for 15+ minutes at lunch today ….

And she told me that yesterday was the best day ever.  Because (1) she had a presentation in History, and it went well, and it was a lot of stress leading up to it, so it’s a great relief; (2) she had two quizzes, and felt that she did well on both;  (3) she broke up with ____; and (4) she had fun at a dance with her friends.

Kinda funny that breaking up with a boy is mixed in there as something that was making for a great day.  But the poor kid is 12, and found herself “going out with” someone she didn’t really like.  But she did like him as a friend, and so didn’t want to hurt his feelings.  And he wasn’t in her classes, and their activities don’t overlap, so she just …. let it sit.

For 6 weeks.  They texted now and again, but never spoke, never saw each other, never nothin’  (poor boy)

Finally, just before the dance, she had a face-to-face conversation with him, and told him that she thought they were better off as friends.  His response?  “Will you still be my friend?”  She said yes, and told me she thinks she really will.  Poor kids.  Life is tough.

After lunch, we came home to grab Lemon, and went off to see Harry Potter.  That was fun.  I liked it.

Then we came home again, and had a mad dash to clean [most of] the house, because Lemon is having People over.

New people.

People I hadn’t met before.

Now that she’s a freshman, her class is comprised of 500 students, instead of the 60 that were in her 8th grade class.  She’s been spending time more and more with a larger circle, and today is the first time she’s had non-regulars over.

And what are they doing?

They’re watching the Hangover.

That is a Rated R movie.

Lemon has seen it already – with WD and I.  Honestly, I didn’t even squirm that much.  The movie was funny as hell, and I know from conversations with her that the jokes were not going over her head.  (Usually, when I express concern that she gets certain references, her response is, “Mom, seriously?  I learned about it in health class!”)

But I was a little nervous.  I don’t know these girls, and I have no idea who their parents are.  Or if they even have parents.  Maybe they don’t? But what if they do?  What if they have super-protective parents?

I tried to casually mention to Lemon that I would like to email the girls’ parents, just to make sure the rated R movie was okay.

She balked.  Like crazy.  “MOM!  One of them is bringing HER copy of the movie over!  Obviously it’s okay.  Everyone has seen this movie.  I was the last one!  You do NOT need to call their parents.”

I thought about it a bit. And I decided it’s important to me that the kids come here.  I don’t want to do something to prevent it in the future.  I know things are safe here.  I know WD and I are home, and that we won’t let things get out of control.  And none of the parents asked to meet me, to talk to me, to ask me what the girls are doing (and 3 of them are sleeping over ….)

And so I am letting it go.

For the record – while it may be true that they’re going to watch a Rated R movie with multiple references to drugs, alcohol and sex … they’re currently singing nursery rhymes.  I’m comfortable with the balance.

Most frequent words spoken in this house:  “Mom, we’re FRESHMEN!”  [as if she is saying, “mom, we’re 40 year old executives!”]  We all know how mature and grounded FRESHMEN are.  So I’ll just stop worrying and thinking and, you know, parenting!


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