How Could I Have Forgotten?

November 22, 2010

It is not an evening of pleasantries.

It is not an evening of a calm, happy dinner.

It is not an evening to enjoy each other’s company.

It is an evening of meltdowns.

Of crazy maniacal behavior from the 14 yo;

Of weepy, overhelmedness from the 12 yo.

Because why?

Because tomorrow, they leave for the Middle of the Country.

They get on the airplane, and they say goodbye.

And it freaks them both out just enough to make tonight absolutely, positively horrendous.

Mouse is in tears — she has too much homework, she can’t pack, she doesn’t know what shoes to wear.

She really does have a ridiculous amount of homework.  I know that 7th grade is a very intense year in our school, but Mouse hasn’t felt it yet.  She just got her report card, and she had all As.  But today they informed the kids that if they won’t be in school on Wednesday, everything is due tomorrow instead.  One of the assignments is to re-work a draft that was returned today, and is due on Wednesday.  Some of the other things, she could have maybe worked on more over the weekend (instead of having lunch with me, or watching Harry Potter with me, or going to Newbury Street with me, getting manicures and Pinkberry.  Or instead of reading two novels, or going to a dance.  Or instead of sleeping until noon … but she DID do homework instead of watching the Patriots KICK THE COLT’S ASS!!  [oh, wait … sorry … off topic]

Lemon is going OFF (which usually is also accompanied with tears) – it’s not FAIR, this is so BORING, this is the WORST LAST NIGHT EVER!!

She wants to watch Buffy.  But her sister has too much homework ….

So Lemon is threatened within an inch of her [social] life (i.e., “do you want this to be a horrible night, or do you want it stretch into a horrible MONTH? Because I can prevent you from making plans in the afternoons and weekends for all of December, you know!”  Response:  “I want it to be a horrible 5 minutes; I’m sorry mommy!”)

And Mouse is given some ice water, and helped to make a plan.  Lemon is given a compromise (no Buffy, but we’ll watch something else instead).

Hopefully things will be okay.  Homework finished, calmness found, comfort restored.  They’re always fine once they get on the airplane, and mostly have a great time while there.  I picked up some cute little baby clothes to give their baby brother for his first birthday, and it will be fun for them to see him again, for the first time since August.  Their step mother is pregnant with a baby girl, and that will likely be exciting, too.

They’ll have fun. (I hope.)

(and I still know I will have fun … New Orleans!!)


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