Prepping for New Orleans

November 22, 2010

Ahhh, home on a Monday!  And with very little work pressure.

I had a great weekend to kick off my vacation –  I did only a little work, my fun Saturday was followed by a Fun Sunday (Pinkberry & manicures with the Mouse; Patriots kicking ass all afternoon; evening of chillage).

Then this morning, I woke up with the kiddos (cute that it’s Mouse’s job to essentially wake the whole family … poor kid has the weight of the world on her shoulders), went for a run, then hopped in the shower so I’d be ready to run to the bank with a fellow parent volunteer, to get myself on a checkbook so people can be reimbursed for volunteer-related expenditures in a timely manner.

I’ve since been cleaning my room, like a kid or something, because it was such a mess.  The poor kittens are besides themselves, unsure what to play with or where to find a bra to drag around the house.  (No, really, they do that.)

Every now and then I take a quick break to try on a dress or a skirt to see if it’s what I want to wear to one fantastic New Orleans restaurant or another.  Taking another break here or there to read Harry Potter the Third (I’m working my way back through …) or to check and see if my shipment from J.Jill has arrived yet.

But i’m staying productive.

Tomorrow after school, we’re making our first airport run, to get the girls on their way.  I’m a little nervous that the new TSA rules won’t let WD and I to the gate, as we’ve always been able to do in the past.  But I’m pretty sure they’ll at least let ME through.  I hope.  Now that Lemon is 14, they’re not flying as unaccompanied minors anymore.  So there is a chance that they’ll say no.  The girls won’t like that.

I’m going to trust it will all be fine.

And then Wednesday morning, WD and I are out of here.

We’re landing to 80 degrees and sunshine.

Planning travel clothes is tricky.  We’re leaving 40 and grey, and arriving to 80 and sunny.  Hmmm.

So looking forward to the trip.



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