Ooof. And Happy Birthday and Stuff.

December 6, 2010

This past weekend was the joint-birthday celebration of my husband and I.  I believe we finally got our mojo on, in the shared-birthday department.

We’ve struggled.

Or at least, I have.  I don’t think he has.

But I bet if mine were second, I wouldn’t have either.

(I’m on the 4th, he’s on the 5th.)

For many years, I spent much of my birthday scrambling to make sure everything was set for his.

(Well, not that many.  But they were traumatic years.)

This year, he asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday; Saturday.  “I want to go out to dinner.”  I said.  “Okay.” He said.

Then, at 1:30 in the afternoon, I looked around the house, found no kids, and emailed* WD a link to The Black Swan and the one theater – way across the river – where it was playing at 4 p.m.

“Let’s go!”

So this was my birthday:

9 a.m.; wake up, cuddle with 12 yo Mouse.

10 a.m.; read in bed.

11 a.m.; realize back hurts from lying in bed, and take book to couch.

1 p.m.; Take a shower, because dear friend announced she’s coming by with a birthday present.

1:30 p.m.; say hi to friend.

3:15 p.m.; go to movie theater.

3:45 p.m.; tell husband to park in parking garage that actually is nowhere near the theater, but feel okay when saying it, because – after all – I’ve *been* to this theater, and he has not [and – also – because the GPS agreed with me]

4:05 p.m.; finally sit in the theater, after returning to the car, leaving the wrong garage, driving the 1.3 miles to the right garage, waiting in line to pick up pre-bought tickets, and asking at least 6 people to move down so that husband and I could sit next to eachother, 2 inches from the screen, in the sold out theater.

5:45 p.m.; Get out of theater, shake head frantically to get deliciously creepy feelings out of brain, and head home.

6:45 p.m.; say bye to girls and walk around the block to our favorite restaurant.  Steak!  Vino!

9:15 p.m.; Back home, watch Sixteen Candles with girls.  (How did I forget that it was essentially a party movie?  I am the QUEEN of showing inappropriate movies to my kids.  I mean, seriously.)


And then I was 38.


WD’s birthday was mostly the same. Throw in the predictably Suzie-esque last-minute gift errand, and exchange “nice dinner out” for “home made reubens and potato salad” (his choice!!!  which may or may not have been colored by his knowledge of my cooking abilities.)

Lemon and her friends put their considerable baking skills & experience to work for our joint benefit, and we had a post-dinner joint birthday cake and present opening session.  We both felt sufficiently spoiled by daughters & each other, I think.

And now I’m in school play mode.  Our musical is coming up this weekend, and I am deeply involved, and Mouse has a decent role, and WD is also deeply involved.  I’m putting my job on the back burner for the sake of dress rehearsals and emails out the butt.  Of course, Mouse got sick, and is alternating dress rehearsals with basketball try outs and 10,000,000 coughs a day.

Somehow, we have to fit Christmas Tree procurement into the weekend, as well as entertain my parents who are coming for Mouse’s sake, and I have a work gathering on Sunday night.

Which is where the “Ooof” comes from.


*I was on the couch, he was in the chair.  3 feet away.  I thought I was being cute.  I bet he did, too.


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