Dads Galore

December 8, 2010

This week, I’m finding myself at Mouse’s school every morning, selling tickets to our play.  I have myself a little table with a pretty poster taped to it, and I sit there through the drop-off hour, wishing more people were buying tickets.

Because we live in a pretty urban area where people walk to school instead of drive, several parents are inside the school in the morning.

Where I grew up, in rural/suburban New England, we either took a school bus, or got dropped off outside.  I don’t think my mother ever came in.  Note that I said “mother” and it would have never occurred to me to say “father.”  Even though I had/have one.  He lived in our house.  He ate dinner with us every single night.  He is a large part of my childhood memories.  No issues.  No weirdness.  But no presence at school, either.  Like, ever.  Parent teacher conferences?  Pfft.  Morning drop off?  Tee hee.  After school pick up?  Nope.

But this morning … there were dozens of dads.  Dads all over the place.  Seriously – there were more dads than moms!  Many more!  My ticket selling cohort was a dad.  And there were other dads who came over to talk to him.  And then, over there, by the office, a group of dads talking about their dad-community soccer games.  Dad coffee groups.  Dad childcare trade offs.  Dads pulling out their iPhones to check their kids’ schedules to see when they were free.

They weren’t stay-at-home dads, as far as I could tell.  They were dressed in work clothes.

Next time I get a link from Zogby, and it asks me if I think the country is heading in the “right direction,” I’m checking yes.




One comment

  1. Yeah, my husband is one of those dads. More of the parents at CFs school know him than know me. I tend to go to the birthday parties, but he does the daily pick up and school events.

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