Traditions Out the Window

December 10, 2010

Oh, things are crazy around here.

We have illness, we have work pressures, and we have a school play, for which we will soon have house guests.  And it’s hard to get ready for any of that when I am very busy trying to make the school play happen, by getting volunteers in line, making sure tickets are sold, etc., etc.

Let alone Holiday decor.

We don’t have a tree yet.

One of my favorite things about Christmas (or Solstice, or whatever the hell we’ve this year chosen to call this wintry holiday that I love even though we do not identify as Christians) is going to a Christmas tree farm and cutting down a tree.  It is fun.

At least – it should be.  Last year we didn’t go until the day after this same (annual) play, and all the good trees were gone.  It was snowy but also muddy out, and we all got a wee grouchy about stomping through mud to find no trees.  And most of the places we went seemed to cut down the best trees themselves, and bring them to a stand somewhere to sell to people who thought traipsing through mud was a foolish thing to do.

We ended up buying the tree from the stand down the road.

And for a couple of years, the girls were so fiercely environmentalist, they wouldn’t allow a cut tree.  We had a (rather expensive and pretty real-looking) fake tree.  But I really missed a real tree. Really missed it.  And I convinced them that when trees are grown on farms for the purpose of cutting them down, we really are not hurting the environment. It’s not like we’re chopping down trees in the rainforest, destroying an ecosystem.  These trees were grown just for us.  Not for the squirrels.

And the fake one was falling apart.

Now it’s tree time again (well past tree-time, in my opinion), and we are forced to cram it in amongst all these other things.

On top of that, Mouse is sick.  She’s had a horrible cough and cold for over a week now, and it’s been very stressful.  The worst of it hit on Sunday – the day before basketball try outs, and 2 days before her final dress rehearsal, and 4 days before her opening night – in which she has the opening song.  We did our best at keeping her mellow and letting her sleep in and go to school late, and other little tricks & tips, but she still had a couple of low grade fevers, and missed a day of school.  And she’s still not better.  Opening night (last night) went alright, but you could hear the cold in her voice.  And the fever came back (99.7) last night, and the cough remains today.

Lemon has plans on top of plans, and a disaster of a bedroom which must be cleaned before my parents come to sleep in her room.

The only way I see us getting this damned tree is if Writer Dude and I wake up early tomorrow morning, and do it ourselves.  We’ll leave Mouse in bed, hopefully sleeping off the cold before it nestles in her lungs as pneumonia (I’m quite paranoid about this, because a friend of hers is currently in the hospital with pneumonia), and Lemon at the house cleaning and laundering and generally preparing for my parents’ arrival.

It will be the first time that the tree-fetching is not a family affair.  Even when we bought the fake one, we did it together.

I feel like this is not the last time.

It feels wrong, yet inevitable.

At least we’ll all decorate it together.  I hope.

Unless Mouse is in the hospital with pneumonia.


One comment

  1. We had a real tree this year after having a fake tree for so long. It’s so nice to have the smell it he house and it looks so much better than a fake. I could do without the needles everywhere, but husband is a bit of a compulsive neat freak so he vacumes them up on a regular basis.

    Hope you got your tree by now.

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