Writer Dude & I — a Study in Contrasts

December 10, 2010


One day, while bored at work because she is hiding in a corner until after the school play hoping to avoid all assignments and requests, Suzie decides to peruse iTunes via the iPhone to see if there is any fun Christmas music out there which she Must Own.

She has – while feeling very mature and restrained – avoided purchasing the Glee Christmas album.  Although the real reason for the restraint is not really maturity, and certainly not frugality, but rather she assumes Lemon already bought it with a gift card, and Suzie would rather not – despite all of her impulsiveness – pay for it twice, so she chooses to wait to get home and copy it from Lemon via Mojo.

She peeks and browses – buys a lone Coldplay holiday song.  Keeps browsing.

OH MY GOODNESS!!  Annie Lennox has a new Christmas CD out!  Suzie LOVES Annie Lennox!  Buy buy buy!!  Download faster!!  Why is it taking sooo long!!!!???

Writer Dude

During one of his many trips to the library* this week, Mr. Dude makes his usual stop at the music section.  He looked around for the 10,000 types of music he likes.  And – as is his nature – kept Suzie, Lemon and Mouse in mind all the while.  “Oh, look!” he thought to himself.  “A new Annie Lennox Christmas CD!  Suzie would be very happy to have this!”

The next day (note the lack of urgency?  the ability to let things just sort of sit?), he remembered about it and said, “I was at the library, and I saw this, and thought you would like it!”

But Suzie had to confess.  She had already bought it.  Because it existed.  And she HAD TO HAVE IT.

Suzie did not (yet) confess that it’s actually not very good.  And that she wishes she didn’t pay for it.  But she did tell Mr. Dude how much she appreciates his thoughtfulness.


*Where Suzie cannot go, because she owes them too much money for a book sitting right over there —–> on her work shelf.  It was so late, they decided she has to just pay for the damned thing.  So now she owes late fees PLUS replacement charges.  Also, it’s not just this book.  There’s also another one, which she left on the bedroom floor.  Not typically a problem, except, well, Suzie has two kittens.  One day, the kittens took a great interest in a glass of water that Suzie also left on the bedroom floor.  The only remaining water was so deep in the tall glass, that the kittens employed their craftiness and knocked the glass over, so they could then lap the water up off the floor.  Most of the water, anyway.  The rest went on the book.  And now the pages are warped. Suzie also suspects there is a third book, somewhere.  Because she always checks out books in 3s.

Writer Dude, however, has extreme feelings of guilt and upset if he accumulates a $0.10 fine for being one day late.


Suzie is very lucky to be married to Writer Dude, but would be luckier if he would rub off on her, at least just a little bit.


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