Give & Take

December 15, 2010

Our school play went really well.  Amazing, even.  I was most struck & impressed by the kids who were involved in the play – not only actors, but behind-the-scenes as well.  They are now 7th and 8th graders, which means 12 and 13 years old.  And they are so capable, responsible, mature, reasonable, loving, kind, excited, curious, hard-working … just amazing.

Yet, I finished the play and thought, “I can’t do this next year.”

Even though I loved it.  Really loved it.  I loved being with the students, theo ther parents, the school officials – I loved watching something come together, I loved seeing how I became more and more capable now that this is the third or fourth play I’ve produced.

But I didn’t love waking up the next morning to emails asking me where giant-ass projects were.  Projects I thought I had a few more days to finish.  I don’t love feeling like I dropped at least 10,000 balls while taking care of the play and all of its details.  I didn’t love feeling like I was letting the play down when a work meeting/client conference call took an HOUR longer than was schedule.  (I really did almost miss the opening of one of the shows ….)

I’ve been really struggling to catch back up and to keep up.  And I don’t like it.

Is this the balance I was looking for?




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