A Christmas Record

December 20, 2010

I made an awesome Christmas for my kids.  I mean, over the top, spoil their asses off, awesome.

And I did it in 3 days.


And that was definitely the fastest I’ve ever blown through a paycheck.  (I get paid on the 15th.)

But now WD and I are looking at the tree, and the huge amount of presents exploding out from under it – while knowing at least a few more are scheduled for delivery this week – and find ourselves unsure what to do.

See, we’re driving 2.5 hours south for Christmas – leaving home on Christmas Eve morning.  We planned to bring all the gifts, so the girls just have a normal Christmas morning there.  But … we also plan to bring the kittens (so they don’t destroy the house in our absence).  And we have to bring – you know – clothes and stuff.

We don’t think it will all fit.

AND – because the majority of the gifts we’re bringing will also be coming back with us (silliness, I say), plus we’ll be getting gifts from my parents – we’ll have to fit even more in the car on the way back.

So, I’m proud of my success – and I’m even happy with every single one of the too many gifts I’ve bought – many of them are just clothes that i’d probably end up buying them anyway – but I don’t know how to make it all work!  Damn our environmental concerns, and their causing us to purchase a hybrid hatchback car that has little space!

I have a few options –

Open some of the gifts on Solstice Night, which is the holiday we celebrate on those years that the girls visit their father.

  • reasons for not doing this:
    • I don’t want them to go to school on Wednesday going on and on about their gifts,
    • and because it will dilute some of the Christmas magic

Delay our departure on Christmas Eve, and open some gifts in the morning;

  • Reasons for not doing this:
    • I didn’t just go nuts spoiling my family to have to rush through it all so that we can get on the road.  I want them to enjoy the gifts, savor the gifts .
    • and because it will dilute some of the Christmas magic.

Pack super light, and cram it all in.

  • [my vote]

Buy a roof rack and roof carrier for the car, put the presents up there, and have more than enough room for the rest in the hatchback.

  • Reasons for not doing this:
    • $300 in expenses.

WD and I have yet to hash it all out and decide what to do.  I think he believes the ONLY way to go is the roof carrier.  Of course, the kids think it is a fine idea to open gifts early, and they vote for Solstice.  That’s my second choice solution, but I’m also worried that work won’t let me leave in time to have a full and fun evening.

I hope we work something out …




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