My Favorite Gifts

December 30, 2010

Yesterday, Writer Dude seemed a little anxious about me getting home from work.  I’ve been working abbreviated days this week, partly because of the f’ing flu keeping me slow, and partly because – uh – it’s vacation.  Even though I’m not on vacation.  But almost everyone I work with is on vacation.  I have some things to do at work, but not a ton, and it’s depressing being one of four people (out of thousands!) in the office.  In at 11 – out at 4/4:30.  That’s the schedule I’ve made for myself this week.

But … yesterday some buffoon decided we needed to have a call at 4.  Dork.  Mr. “I’m single and have no kids and am gong to make partner if it kills me, goddammit!” messing with my abbreviated schedule.  (Me:  Ms. “I’m married and I have kids and I’m grateful for this job but I am not about to let it kill me or wreck my family, goddammit.”)

WD started to IM me, text me and email me around 4:41.  “Are you leaving yet?  are you coming home yet?  where are you!?”

Aw, he misses me.

“I’m hungry!” he said.

Which is bullshit, because we never eat dinner at 5.  Or 5:30.  Or 6.  Or 6:30.  Because my job may not be killing me or wrecking my family (this month), but it also ensures that we eat dinner very late on a regular basis.  7.  or 7:30.  Sometimes, it’s really after 8 before we are seriously with fork in hand.

“Okay, fine.  The project I was working on that wasn’t done is now done.  Come home.”

He had mentioned in the past week that he’d been working on a home-made gift for me, but hadn’t been able to finish.  I wondered what it was, but waaaahh!!  the flu!!  I didn’t focus on it.  In the past, he has made me very nice shadow boxes with photos and mementos from trips we made together, fantastic framed photos of the girls, hand-bound journals crafted from antique books, and more.  He has never made me anything that I did not love.

But when I came home to the three of them stretched through the hallway to hold up a ginormous painting that he created for me this year … I was stunned.  Absolutely stunned.  By ginormous, I mean 40″ wide x 120″ long.  He made it for our stairwell wall, which – it turns out – is only about 115″ long.  🙂

It is a beautiful Pollack-esque painting with rich colors and gorgeous depth. I really can’t believe he did it.

For a few reasons:  (1)  I’ve never seen him paint anything before (although I know he has, before me); (2) it’s just so big, and clearly so much work … I know I work all day, but how did he do that without me noticing?; (3) we don’t have a huge house.  How could he hide all of this from me?  I’ll tell you how – he worked in the *attic*!!  The completely unfinished, have-to-go-in-through-a-tiny-door-in-the-closet-ceiling attic.  Heat?  Nope.  Lighting?  Um, no …. I’ll have to ask him what he did about light.

I will eventually post a photo of my awesome art work, I promise.  But today, WD is working on building some frames.

Yes, plural.

Because it was too big for the wall it was designed for (and any other wall in our house), he has decided to cut it into pieces.  I am taking a 40″ x 40″ chunk of it to my office.  The remaining 40 x 80″ chunk will be hung on the wall for which it was designed.



He’s not the only one who got creative for me this Christmas.  Lemon also crafted me something out of her own labor and talent.

She is taking a photography class in high school, and is really loving it.  WD is thrilled, as photography has long been an interest of his, and is something he always suspected she would take to.  The class she is taking deals with black and white film photography, and the students develop their own prints, and are learning the process fully.  She and WD spend hours talking about different types of film, and other stuff I don’t understand.

For Christmas, she came up with an idea for me, and he helped her to execute it.  It is a very nice framed  piece that consists of a series of negatives that she made.  [photo to come soon.]

This, too, I love.  I will be hanging it at work as well.  Although I may not tell anyone at work or here what the inside joke is that it represents …


Mouse didn’t employ any creativity this Christmas, but she did choose for me a bracelet that I have not taken off since I opened it on Christmas morning.  It is definitely another of my favorite gifts.



  1. Wow, indeed! Can’t wait to see a pic!

  2. This sounds amazing–I can’t wait to see a photo. What an amazing gift.

  3. Ditto EH

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