Room Cleaning Hell

December 30, 2010

Why oh why are my children such slobs?

[because they take after their mother]

Why oh why must I fight with them constantly just to keep their rooms on the very teetering edge of presentable?

[because I don’t allow them to shut & lock their bedroom doors like I do with my own when people come over]

Why, when I ask them to clean their rooms, do they wail and cry and gnash their teeth?

[because they’re brats, and they do as I do instead of doing as I say.]

Why, when I say “yes, ‘perfect’ means you have to sweep and vaccuum” do they act like I’ve banished them to hell for all of eternity?


Why – when they come to my room doing goofy routines from spoof songs/videos they found on the internet in an effort to distract me from making them clean their rooms – does it work?


And so then, why do I stay up until ungodly hours giggling with them, and causing WD to give us dirty looks for being “so loud”?

[Because (a) it’s vacation – for them at least;  (b) the downstairs neighbors aren’t home anyway, so the noise doesn’t really matter; and (c) they are really very fun and very funny girls].

And so why – after a full day of working on them – are their rooms still a mess?

[It’s not my fault.]



  1. I am guilty of the same. Let them enjoy their holiday.


  2. Yeah – they should enjoy their holiday.

    And then when it’s over, I will again hear “Mom! I don’t have tiiiimmmmeee to clean my room! I’m too busssssyyyy! I have practice, and I have homework, and a birthday party, and I have to study! I can’t!!!”

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