Welcoming 2011

December 31, 2010

I can’t exactly put my finger on why, but I didn’t love 2010.

Maybe it has to do with work – it was a strange year bookended by trial franticness, but the middle part with everything in odd limbo due to rescheduling of said trial from March to September.  The limbo wasn’t a good thing for me.

And I had canceled and deferred vacations as a result, so it leaked into home.

I don’t know – it wasn’t a “great” year.

But it didn’t suck, either.

I’d like more from 2011 than “not sucking.”

We’re heading to a friend’s vacation home for the celebration tonight.  Bringing along bags of food and some fun girls.  We’ll have more teenagers than adults at our little get away, so I am certain it will be loud.

I’ll spend the drive thinking about how to make 2011 great.

Happy New Years everyone.

Happy to New Year.



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  1. […] back at last year’s end-of-year posts, I see that I was right about 2010 – it wasn’t a great year for me. […]

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