Oops, I did it again.

January 5, 2011

I spoke with a friend yesterday whose daughter is a close friend of Mouse.   She told me about all kinds of things going on in the 7th grade that I hadn’t quite heard about.  She was concerned that the girls are getting a wee bit ahead of themselves.  I thought that Mouse was likely safe, but still had a little concern.

So, for the first time since my last post on the subject, I rifled through Mouse’s room this morning after she left for school, landing on her little journal.

I found nothing dangerous.  No musings about how “fat” she is (5’2″, 85 pounds … soooo fat); no concern about dangerous behaviors.


A couple of weeks ago, on the last day of school before the winter break, actually, she asked WD and I if she could go to the movies.  It was going to be her/their first time going on the T unaccompanied by an adult, so we did give the request some serious thought.  My thoughts went something like this:  “Yippee!  They’re finally going on the T and learning to be self-sufficient and not being driven everywhere including places that are 2 blocks away!”  Because Lemon had been going on the T, and walking all over the place, starting in 6th grade.  But Mouse has friends whose parents are a little more protective, and who are a little more responsive to the “I don’t waaaannnnnt to walllllkkkk, moooommmm!” and as a result, Mouse gets driven everywhere.  I even end up driving more, because I don’t want the other parent(s) to bear the brunt.

So I was thrilled they were taking the T.  It helped that they were going to stops away, staying above ground, and heading to a 1:30 p.m. movie.  All of this meaning – consistent cell service, no traveling in the dark, no major crowds to fight with, etc.

BUT.  Guess what her journal just told me?

It was not just Mouse and her 3 friends.  It was Mouse, her 3 friends, and their DATES.  Whaaaa???

She specifically said in her journal, “I didn’t tell Mom.  But I didn’t lie, she just didn’t ask who ALL was going.”

Honestly, I do not care about this too much.  It seemed like a relatively casual outing that was created out of a convoluted “birthday party” ruse fashioned by the boys.  There are no “couples” resulting from the outing, and I don’t think anything happened to be concerned about.  If she told me she was going with the boys, I guarantee that I’d be making some “ooooooooh, you have a daaaattteeee!” noises.  I would have let her do it, but she wouldn’t have come out of it unscathed.  (Especially because I’ve been suspecting her of having a crush on the boy she went with for some time, and I am not too quiet about it.)

For crying out loud – they saw Tangled!

If I found out that she went to a different movie theater and went further than she had permission to go – I would be angry.  If I found out that she didn’t actually go to a movie at all, I would be angry.  But I am not angry that boys went along with them.

I do – however – know now to ask more questions next time.

Wanna know what else I learned from reading her journal?

7th grade sucks.

(As if I didn’t know that already.)



  1. Awww… that’s pretty adorable.

    Although, I have to say the reading of the journal thing makes me cringe with bad memories. I quickly learned to never keep a written record of any of my thoughts, feelings or activities as a child/adolescent, because my mother would go so far as to break the lock on my diary to read it.

  2. I know! I completely agree. I am horrible.

    My mother used to read mine, and I learned to manipulate her with it. I wrote fake things, designed to throw her off the trail of my devious behavior. It worked, too.

    I am not proud of my actions. I’d been doing very well resisting, but the recent conversations with other moms wondering if there’s “stuff” going on … it broke my resolve.

  3. […] I learned in private conversations after the meeting that other moms knew that our girls went to the movies with boys.  So now I can confront my little lying Mouse without letting her know that I am an evil snooping […]

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