Putting off the Laundry

January 8, 2011

WD and I ended up with no kids again last night.  This time, overnight.  That was a treat … or should have been.  We didn’t do anything.  I had a thing to go to, and he had kid-wrangling/transporting duties.  I got home close to 10, and we jumped in the car to go get ice cream.  But then I remembered I hadn’t eaten dinner, because I worked right up until it was time to go to the thing, and didn’t have time.  So we watched a relatively weird and unknown movie while I scarfed down the dinner he’d made me, and then we ate our ice cream, and then we felt so fat that all we could do was go to sleep.

The “thing” I went to is one of my favorite things about my community.  It was a meeting of parents of kids in Mouse’s grade.  The whole grade’s worth of parents are invited, and we get together in each other’s homes, and talk about the challenges involved with parenting 7th graders.  Last year, we talked about the challenges involved in parenting 6th graders.  last night’s topics included “Managing Stress” (i.e., grades and/or social nonsense) and “Body Image in the Wake of Changing Bodies.”  Where my entire goal was stressing to the parents of boys who thought this topic wasn’t for them that it IS for them, because their boys won’t stop talking about the girls’ varying degrees of flatness nor not-flatness, and maybe they should talk to their boys about that.  Of course, the boys whose parents I really wanted to send the message to were not represented.  Oh well.  I’m sure Mouse will survive her late-blooming, just like everyone before her on both sides of the family tree have survived their late-blooming.  My poor boobie-less child(ren).  Don’t worry my dears, one day, you’ll be 16, and then you’ll get your period, and then you will have boobies.  I’m sure you’ll be fine in the intervening 1.5 (Lemon) and 4 (Mouse) years while everyone else grows and matures and develops while you continue to feel like 12 year olds.

While I was working and then chatting and community-building, the girls each had at least 2 and maybe 3 activities they were figuring out and traveling between.  WD ended up weaseling out of transport duties, but he was holding down the fort and passing out food as the kids whirled through the house.  Lemon went shopping, then to a performance at the high school, then to a friend’s for what turned into a sleepover.  Mouse went out for afternoon pizza, then to a friend’s, then to the school’s ice-skating event, then to a friend’s for what turned into a sleepover.

So I’m sitting in the parenting/community thing, where our “ice breaker” was all about how we set limits on technology and many of us were talking about the “no cell phone at the table” rules and the “no technology after 9 p.m.” rules and other ways we keep our kids focused on thigns that matter in life, and I’m off to the side texting 2 and 3 way conversations making sure we had parent permission for all of these different things and that plan-changes worked okay with one another, etc., etc. Nice example.  I even texted another mom across the room to make sure she knew that 6 girls were sleeping at her house that night. That mom and I may or may not be the organizers of this little meeting.  Hello, bad example?

And I learned in private conversations after the meeting that other moms knew that our girls went to the movies with boys.  So now I can confront my little lying Mouse without letting her know that I am an evil snooping mother.  I admitted that to a couple people last night.  One thought I was within my rights, the other frowned at me.  I still frown at myself.  Sort of.

Every time the girls have a sleepover, I have to get up at an ungodly time (for a weekend) to turn off their alarms.  I wish they wouldn’t do that.

Now I think I will read a book … another non-laundry activity.



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