Weekend Highlights

January 10, 2011
  1. Lemon dressed up to go out to dinner with friends on Saturday night.  She put together a very nice outfit – each piece chosen by me as Christmas gifts.  I was very proud of the fact that she liked what I chose.  You know, as an old, decrepit, uncool 38 year old MOM.  Who knew I could have such taste?  she also looked beautiful.
  2. Both the girls grew another inch in the past month.  Mouse had to stuff at least 4 pairs of jeans into a donation bag.  She then asked her sister for some jeans that have now become too small on HER, but it looks like Mouse outgrew that stage, too.  So now there are more jeans in the donations bag, and more items in my Delia’s shopping bag.
  3. I bought Dansko clogs on Saturday.  Mouse and I went out, mostly to get her a phone upgrade.  She was overdue.  The nice man at the AT&T store made me eligible for a deal that the internet said I was not eligible for, and so I bought lots and lots of screen protectors for lots of phones to make up for the fact that Mouse’s phone ended up free.  Then we wandered over to the shoe store (after sharing a very yummy crepe with spinach, onions, mushrooms and gruyere) and I tried on Dansko clogs for the first time in 8 years.  Why so long?  because they are the shoes I had on when I fell in 2002 and apparently broke my foot.  In between 2002 when I fell and 2010 when I had foot surgery, every time I put on Dansko’s, my foot felt like it was having all kind of giant metal things poking into it.  Or something painful.  But now that surgery is a year in my past, I thought I could try on the clogs again.  They felt soooo good!  I was thrilled.  So I bought a pair.  In purple patent leather.  Oh yeah, baby.
  4. I played lots o’ Mah Jongg this weekend.  Had people over last night until midnight for that very purpose.  We ordered lots of sushi and drank lots of wine.  And talked a lot.  We actually played very little Mah Jongg.  But had fun nonetheless.
  5. I did not clean my house, other than the areas that I knew guests would see.  But one of my tabs up on top of Chrome here is the website for a recommended cleaning service.  I have informed the family … a house cleaner is coming on Saturday to give us a quote.  Have your rooms and personal areas straightened so we get a reasonable estimate.  I’m done with the mess.

That is my closing note.


I am done with the mess.


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