January 19, 2011

Well, first of all – non-bliss.  The Patriots lost.  I can’t say much more about that.  It’s still too upsetting. [Still.  Even though I started drafting this post on Monday, and now it’s Wednesday.  I’m still too upset.]

Otherwise, this has been a 100% work free weekend.  So wonderful.  WD and I took a drive into the office today to bring some art in, so I can have it hung on my walls (finally), and I gave him a quickie tour of the place.  But I didn’t run into anyone I worked with, and none of them have emailed me all weekend.  Ahhhh.

And!!  Today?  A housecleaning person came by to look at the house, and should be sending me an estimate this evening.  Amen.  I have no problem taking care of my own messes, but the DEEP cleaning … stuff that should happen weekly but that you don’t see until it’s gross and would take a full hour to tackle in each room (baseboards?  eww.  under radiators?  disgusting.  And why do I still get nasty finger prints on doorways?  My kids are 12 and 14.  Not 2 and 4.  There is no reason for it. They should have less crap on their hands. ]

All in all, I had a weekend of rejuvination, relaxation, family time and productivity.  Throw in some shopping (hello, Costco!) for a new microwave – one that actually has a number display that works – and a yummy memory foam mattress topper, so I can sleep on the clouds instead of on comfortable but thin mattress that allows you feel each spring (which still works!) when you touch it — I really did have a great weekend.

And now that this draft has been languishing on my dashboard untouched, I can even update to say – the start to the workweek hasn’t been so bad, either.  (oops)


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