I really can’t stop talking about the clean.

January 28, 2011

I know, I know.  I just wrote a post about the clean house.  But this one is different.  This one is about things I am doing for myself, not things I am making other people do for me.

Like I mentioned, the cleaning people worked on my closet.  But it wasn’t perfect.  Excellent head start, though.  I surveyed the remaining issues (i.e., one giant pile of shoes on the closet floor), and declared to WD that I wanted a shoe rack in the closet.  He went out and bought it for me the next day (hell, yeah!).   So now that closet is in much better shape.  even though the shelves are still overflowing with sweaters, and I need to weed through it all and get rid of the stuff I do not wear.  Soon.  I will do it soon.

Then I completely reorganized my bathroom closets and cabinets.  It is quite shocking how much space I have, now that I’ve cleared the clutter and created a better-organized space.

This is – I think  – one of the benefits of having my house cleaned.  It frees me up to take care of these smaller things, because I am not instead spending my time frozen by the huge daunting tasks of deep scrubbing.

I’m also thinking about decorating more.  Pulling some more rooms together.  Painting the bathroom, living room, dining room and office.  Putting down new flooring in the kitchen.  Buying new furniture for the office.

I think my husband hates me.


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