Tastes too Fine

February 9, 2011

Okay, Mouse may be on the verge of becoming a problem.

My parents came to town this past weekend, and we had a really nice visit.  Mom and I played mah jongg with some friends of mine (Mouse baked for us all), we had a nice dinner – mostly cooked by dad, we got to play Scrabble, we visited my office, which my parents haven’t seen, and we had a very nice brunch at a pretty fancy restaurant at the top of a pretty famous building in Boston.

My dad had wanted to go to this restaurant – at least for drinks – for years.  And we hadn’t made it.  Mouse also wanted to go.  For years.  Actually, since her 3rd grade went to the Skywalk in this building for a field trip.  She came home from the field trip, and I asked her how she liked the view, and she said, “we didn’t go to the top of the building.”  I asked why not?  Was it foggy?  Was it closed?”  “oh, we went to the skywalk, Mom, but it’s not the top!”  Huh?  “There’s a restaurant at the top.  Mommy, I want to go to that restaurant!!!”   I explained to her that it was a very expensive restaurant, and maybe it could be something we do one day for a special occasion, but not to get her hopes up (I was still in law school, for crying out loud).

She hadn’t forgotten.

But it was worth it to go this past weekend.  The skies were clear, and the view was beautiful.  Blue, blue water, snowy hills in the distance – it was great.  The kids loved the [very fancy] brunch.  They had smoked salmon for an appetizer, and Mouse had a lobster omelet for her entrée while Lemon had braised short ribs with grits & an egg.  She asked WD if he can make it for her every morning!  Mouse was not intimidated by the formality of the place, and very sincerely asked me questions about what was proper.  “So, Mom, how do I order?  Do we order all 3 courses at once, or will he come back?”

My dad was also a little giddy about finally being there (although, of course, more accustomed to the atmosphere).  He sat with a perfect view of the airport, and really enjoyed the cityscape and the air traffic.

What I learned:  Mouse has a taste for very nice food and ambiance.

Both on the way to and on the way home from the restaurant, we walked along Boston’s Newbury Street.  I’d never taken my parents to this part of Boston before, and they enjoyed seeing a different part.  My dad was a little put off by the chi-chi nature of the shops, and spent most of the time outside wandering the sidewalk, but my mom was pretty starry eyed.

But so was Mouse!  She wanted to go into every shop.  “Mom!  I can’t believe you work around here. It seems soooo dangerous!”  I was confused for a minute.  Dangerous?  The cars don’t drive fast … there are no shootings going on … Oh! dangerous for my wallet!!!

She continued, “I love it here!  No wonder Lemon and her friends come here all the time.  I have always hated shopping because malls make me sick and give me a headache and make me feel like I’m going to barf, but this! You can go outside!  You have fresh air until you a find a store you like!  And look at all these restaurants where you can sit outside!  And you can get manicures on every block!”

What I learned:  Mouse has a taste for chichi shopping areas, high end fashion, and generally pricey things.  Ouch.

But yet — the only thing she asked me to buy was a used pair of Nike high top basketball sneakers at a consignment shop (where Lemon also tends to shop when she goes to Newbury Street, since she does not have never-ending clothing allowance).  The sneakers were then 50% off, and then further marked down.  So they were $20.  I bought them.

Nevertheless, I’m proceeding with caution.


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