On the Road Again

February 14, 2011

I’ve been enjoying a relative lull at work.  It’s a lull compared to the days that I was in trial, for certain.  I’m billing, on average, 7 to 7.5 hours a day, with a few 10 hour days here and there, and a few weekend hours which are all done from home.

Each week, I have to fill out a form saying how much availability I have, so that our assignment coordinator knows who is available to take on a new project.  I’ve had my availability pretty high – probably higher than it really is – because I like to be busy.

And on Friday, I got the call.

Not really a new case, but rather, a potentially two week trip to one of the many Springfields to look through some documents.

I could be bratty about this – thinking that a 4th year shouldn’t be the one tapped to review documents in a warehouse  – but it’s a tricky subject area in which I have experience.  Ramping a junior person up on this tricky area would take a while, and the review would be slow as they became accustomed to [no exaggeration] 10,000 acronyms.  [Ok, so it is a slight exaggeration.]

They’re giving me plenty of notice, and it turns out that it is not two weeks (which would have sucked, family-wise). I will be sharing the time with 2 other associates, and the review days are only from 8:30 – 4.  Then I will have the freedom to sit in my hotel room in a non-glamorous Springfield (are any of them glamorous?) and catch up with the work that my other cases generated during the day.

But it shouldn’t be too bad.

I cannot complain about the travel, either.  Since I’ve been in my current job, I have traveled once per year.  Twice to depositions, and twice to review documents on-site.  Until this year, they have all been either 1 or 2 nights away from home. I have colleagues who have spent weeks away from home.  I have been lucky. When WD and I first heard that I might be traveling, we both responded with a bit of an “oh, fuck.”  But when we put it in this perspective … that I’m a little late for my very fortunate once-a-year trip, we found it a lot more palatable.

I probably find it more palatable than my family does.  I’m the one who gets to sit in a hotel room, alone, with room service and – once i get my work done – the remote control to myself, and maybe even a novel!  Things I don’t usually do during the week, because if the t.v. is on, it’s hard to keep the kids away from it.  And I can’t watch the shows I want to watch — or the movies I want to watch.

One sucky part, though, is that I may not be able to watch the Oscars with my family.  If this is the case, it will be the first time since 2002 that WD and I haven’t watched the Oscars together.  I like to watch the Oscars.  With him.  We’ve gotten very close to watching all of the relevant nominated movies, too.

Oh well.


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