Night Owls in NYC

February 21, 2011

Still in NY.

The girls are getting along a little better, but I did have a moment with Lemon today where I said to her, and I quote, “As far as I am concerned, you are ruining this trip.  You are rude, you keep yelling at everyone, and it is making the entire trip painful.”

That was after I told her to “Shut Up!” because she was yelling at me about the order in which we were walking on the sidewalk.*  Yelling.  Voice raised, contempt evident.

I regret using the words “Shut Up.”  I do not regret getting angry with her.  So there.

She’s been much more agreeable since.  Just like when she was a toddler.  Once she started down the hill of misbehavior/ discontent, there will be no reconciliation until a full-on explosion.  With her, it always has to be a Worst Case Scenario before things get better.

I pity her future spouse.

(Dear future spouse:  It is not my fault.  Even if it is actually my fault, I now have her in therapy, so maybe she’ll get through this before you find her …. maybe.)

Traveling with the girls forces WD and I to change our usual travel patterns.  When he and I travel, we like to get up at 8 a.m. or before.  If we did that this week, I fear that the children would explode.  I know that Lemon would be even bitchier.

Yesterday, I woke Mouse up at 9:30, and she started to cry.  True tears.  “I slept so miserably … the cot hurt my back, and I didn’t have enough blankets, and I was So Cold!”

We had reserved 2 rooms, and asked that they be next door to each other.  When we checked in, they told us they could not get us next door to each other, but we were close.  But the girls’ room had one bed.  They refused to share a bed (even though it was a King.)  The hotel said we could likely move on Sunday, but that the hotel was sold out on Saturday – no chance of changing.  We flipped a coin, and J lost (she always loses coin tosses), so she ended up on the cot.  While WD and I thought we took care of everything in their room before turning in – including giving them very clear instructions not to leave their room without texting/calling us, and to be certain to bolt the door shut, we did forget to teach them how to adjust the heat.  Or to check it ourselves.  So their room was, in fact, freezing.  The heat was OFF.  Oops.

Fortunately, they did move the girls to a better room – connected to ours – the next day.  And we turned on their heat.

But yesterday’s late start meant that we weren’t out the door until 10:45, and so we were eating “breakfast” at 11:30.  Which meant we had a very light “lunch” at 3 (WD and I didn’t really eat, and the girls had peanut butter sandwiches), and then dinner at 8. We saw a 9:30 movie, and we all crashed when we returned to our room.

This morning, WD woke up at 8:55, and showed me the clock. Wow, said me.  Then I fell back to sleep.  He next woke me at 9:55.  Then we woke the girls up, got bitched at by Lemon, and finally left the hotel at 11:15, and had bagels for “breakfast” at noon.


We are seeing Phantom of the Opera tonight, and it starts at 8.  There’s no way in hell we can eat dinner beforehand, because we had “lunch” at 3ish – not finishing until 4.

So guess what time our dinner reservations are?

11:30.  I kid you not.  (I’m guessing we’ll have appetizers for dinner …)

Clearly, there will be no early rising tomorrow. We leave on Wednesday, and our train is at 12:30.  It’s going to be a serious shock to the system that we will need to get up and pack and be out the door and at a restaurant by 10 a.m. in order to eat and get to Penn Station in time for the train ….

*Are we the only family that struggles with walking together in cities?  Everyone wants to walk with ME, and so we always end up 3 or 4 abreast, which is not okay.  You cannot take up an entire sidewalk.  WD and I try to fall behind the girls, so we have an eye on them, but when that happens, they walk like molasses.  Both the girls are champion jockeys, and will be very sly in the way they try to edge the other out of the prized “next-to-mom” spot, and it pisses me off.  Lemon found herself in the front today, and when she did, she almost STOPPED in front of me, in an attempt to hang back and be next to me.  But I wasn’t looking where I was going, and so I stepped on her, and she yelled at me, and I yelled back, and then, eventually, came my very mature “SHUT UP!” and so, yeah.



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