February 23, 2011

That means: I’m home!!

Not only home, but home to a clean house! The house cleaners come every other Wednesday, and that was today, and we got home to lots ‘o clean. Amazing, still (this was our third cleaning, the novelty has not worn off yet).

Our trip was a good one. It was cold, we needed hats, gloves, scarves, and multiple cups of tea and hot cocoa to keep us from veering toward miserable. We did start thinking about spending next February break on an island. A non-Manhattan island. (I vote Greece, the girls both vote Caribbean, and Writer Dude votes South Pacific …. of course. Classic us.)

No – seriously. We had this one recommendation for an italian restaurant, and we were going to go until I looked up the menu and found that it was a “family style” restaurant, and entrees were sized for 4-6 people. Thinking about getting the four of US to decide on an entrée sent us to a different restaurant.

Mouse is a vegetarian, Lemon hates pasta (I know, right?) and would gladly eat a cow at every meal, WD has very specific “moods,” and I …. well, I like cheese. And meat. So I present no problems in an Italian restaurant.

While we were there, we found a shop that had certain Moleskin products 50% off. I bought a calendar/journal. It’s a small one, 3×5, and each day has a single page. I bought it because I thought maybe with a little help of paper and a pen, I will remember more things.

Because I have the World’s Worst Memory.

I’m sure I’ll forget to write in it. Just like I forget to write here.

But the book isn’t meant to be a journal — just a record. “Today, we took the train to New York.” I don’t think I’ll get as detailed as what I bought in a grocery store, but I would like to track the bigger things.

Of course, we got home, and the first thing 14 yo Lemon did was to jump in the shower. Then she threw on sweats and a t-shirt, dragged a comb through her hair, and said, “okay! I’m leaving!”

And she was gone.

I could potentially be offended by that. That race to Get Away. But I choose not to. We just had 5 solid days together, and while there were some bumps, we by and large had a great time, and many memorable moments. So it’s ok with me if she runs out for her social fix.


I am proud of our trip. I’m proud of getting to a point where we could see shows (more than one!) and buy tickets to the top of TWO buildings without passing out that they were $20/pop.

We saw Phantom of the Opera, which was planned in advance. I was a little afraid that the show would be a bit stodgy for the girls, but it was not. The set was amazing, costumes ornate, performances stellar. The story was unfamiliar to all of us (pathetic, perhaps), and so it was very enjoyable. We had a great time. Our late dinner afterward was not as late as anticipated – we ended up at the restaurant by 10:30 instead of 11:30. We had a fantastic dinner, and a very fun time. We spent most of the time working out our ranking system for Broadway shows, as we planned a trip to the TKTS booth on Tuesday to try for a second show.

And we DID score tickets for a second show. Our first choice was Chicago, and that is what we got. We had front row seats in the mezzanine. We were a little nervous when we first sat down, because we were far enough to the left that part of the stage was obstructed. But the show is staged completely on the front part of the stage, and I don’t think we missed a thing.

What a contrast in shows. We went from Phantom with crazy-ornate sets and costumes, to a very bare bones Chicago. It was great! Loved the Bob Fosse choreography, loved the talent, and again had a great time.

Dinner wasn’t as great as the night before, but at least we didn’t starve to death. The girls ended up on the overtired side, and drove us a wee crazy on a very short cab ride home, but we all survived.

And now – we’re home with good and fun memories, full bellies, and shitloads of laundry to do. And potentially an island getaway to plan for next year.

:::: Thank you for reading my rambles ::::


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  1. you’re welcome 🙂

    glad you had fun. i love both phantom and chicago.

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