Back on the Radar

March 5, 2011


That was a long week.

Work travel.  Warehouses.  Mouse Poop. Applebees.

Horrible combination.

Fortunately, the work itself wasn’t too bad (well, other than the mouse poop and the preserved bug bodies that we found in the boxes of paper we were reviewing), and I was with a good group of people, allowing for laughter and less painful evenings.  We did our best to find decent restaurants for dinner  — since we were stuck with disgusting fast food and disgusting Applebee’s for lunch — even though it meant at one point that we went to the same place two nights in a row (in our defense, it had a very eclectic menu).

The project is an on-going one, throughout the entire month.  One of the positive aspects of working in a large firm, there are plenty of people to share the burden.  If this particular Springfield wasn’t inaccessible by normal modes of transportation, I would maybe offer to take an additional chunk, but travel home last night was very hard.

We left our warehouse at 3 p.m., because others were driving to a big city that is 4 hours away and it seemed the humane thing to do.  My flight was at 6:15, so I had some time to kill, but NOTHING to do in this sad little town.  So I went to the airport.

Where I found that (a) they had no restaurants, no bars, no bookstores – just a Subway and a pathetic little “gift shop” that had a cooler with some beer in it; and (b) my flight was delayed until 8 p.m.

Which means I had 5 hours to kill in the place.

After much back and forth about how to handle the multiple delays in both airports that I had to visit last night – and after I made a non-refundable hotel reservation bc I was hearing it was filling up – I ended up squeaking onto a flight that left the Big City at 11:30 p.m., and I landed in Boston at 2:30.  I had been warned that the chances of my bag getting on my flight were next to zero, but it was there, 5th one off the plane.

Home at 3:15 am.  Ouch.


Mouse had been expressing how much she missed me, but she had a sleepover last night, and didn’t come home until 11:30 this morning.  She gave me a quick hug, but otherwise is very much almost 13.

She grew 1/2 inch again recently.  So now my girls are almost 5’3″ and almost 5’5″.  Lemon’s growth spurt over the past year and a half or so had increased the height difference between them to be more than it’s been since they were babies.  They’ve been about 1/2″ apart most of their lives, and then all of a sudden, Lemon was 3 inches taller.  But now Mouse is starting the same, and we know she’s going to catch up to Lemon momentarily, and then she will likely pass her by.

Also, I came home to Mouse looking much more … developed … than I remember.

Not sure I like this growing older bit anymore.  Just because it does show the end is near.  The end of me having them with me.  And I like them.  They are fun people.  I like them living with me.


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