Can’t Catch a Break

March 6, 2011

Like I said yesterday, I didn’t get home from my business trip until 3:15 a.m. on Friday night (Saturday morning).  Of course, because I am annoying like this, it took me forever to fall asleep once I finally got in the bed, because my brain was racing.  I maybe fell asleep before 4 a.m.  Writer Dude had already let me know that he had Lemon’s transportation covered, for her morning activities, and that I could just sleep in.

But he woke up at 9:30, and that got the kittens stirring, and then Lemon was awake, and then Mouse was texting me from her sleepover, and I was pretty much done with sleep.

Saturday did not allow for a nap – WD and I on a whim took the kids to see The Adjustment Bureau and then out for sushi.  So no sleep there (but much pleasure at the girls’ willingness, eagerness, even, to put off other tentative plans in order to go out with their parents).

Lemon had friends over after dinner, and I’d agreed to drive them home at 11, because apparently I’m on crack.

We got home from the drive-home rounds at 11:20, and the girls and WD were in front of the t.v., eagerly awaiting the start of SNL.  I was too tired, and knew that as tired as I was, I wouldn’t find anything funny, but just annoying.

So I stayed in bed with my computer.

Which is not as restorative as sleep.  But I had the werewithall to check in with everyone – “we don’t have anything to do tomorrow, right?”  Right, they all said.  [Liars.]

Midnight, Mouse comes in.  “Um, mom.  Do you know where that save the date is, for that party?”  No, Mouse.  I haven’t seen it since the day it came in the mail, and certainly not since I raised it with you before I left town.  Why?  “I think the party’s tomorrow.”  So I tell her we’ll figure it out in the morning.  She comes back 10 minutes later.  “Um, can you email [friend]?  I kinda think she’s driving, and she’ll know.”  So I email [friend].  Knowing that no other sane parent is awake at this hour, and she will not see my email until the morning.

SNL ends, the peoples in the house do not turn off the t.v.  Why?  Because they’re watching an infomercial for a CD box set of “Cheesy 80s Music.”  I think that’s really what it was called.

Finally, at 1:15, they head toward bed.  Lemon comes in, “oh, I already told you, right?  My voice lesson was rescheduled for 10:30 tomorrow?”

Groan.  No.  She hadn’t told us.  Alarms get set for 10 a.m., and I tell myself I probably couldn’t have slept much past that, anyway.

Lights out at 1:30.  But WD was so exhausted, he was snoring instantly.  So I did the most logical thing and pulled my iPhone off the charger and started to play tiny wings (please watch, at least to note the beautiful graphics).

I stopped at 2  a.m., because one of the joys of the new #1 game, which wasn’t true with angry birds, you can’t play for long periods of time.  It becomes repetitive and boring; still fun to pick up now and again throughout the day, but in much healthier doses.  Not that I ever played Angry Birds for unhealthy periods of time.  Nope.  No way.

At 9:30, the voice teacher called “to confirm.”  Since I was awake, I checked my email, and see that my friend had emailed to say “yuppo, party’s today!  At 10 a.m.! And we’re happy to give Mousey a ride!”

So I go running into her room and drag her exhausted bottom out of bed, she said, “no! I don’t want to go!”  I told her “too bad! you had me email our friend, and they’re on their way to pick you up!”  She gets dressed, but then comes to me and says her friend (the child of the adult friend, naturally) had texted at 8:30 (why are these pepole UP so early!) to say “be at my house by 9!”  Oh no!

So I call the mom and I said, “look, we screwed up, I’m so sorry, I hope you didn’t wait around for her, she isn’t gonna go.”  But by the time I finished leaving the voice mail message, I have another email saying “we’ll be there in 10 minutes!”  So I don’t know WHAT is going on, and either does Mouse.  Lemon starts yelling at us from her bed to “stop talking so loud!” and it’s all chaos.

Mouse did go.  Lemon stayed angry at me for “talking so loud on the phone” and kept explaining how I “don’t have to shout!” when I’m on the phone.  Helpful.  I was glad she didn’t yell at me for yelling at her sister.  Because I already felt guilty enough about that.  But fortunately, caught myself and gave good hugs before she’d left the house.

So, it’s 4 p.m. now, and I surprisingly ended up having a good day with both my girls.  Lemon and I had a walk this morning/early afternoon, and Mouse and I met in our town center after her party and had a long-ago promised lunch out to celebrate her high honors for the marking period.

But I’m tired.  Actually, we’re all tired.  I thought about a nap, but decided instead that we should all crash early tonight, and maybe – just maybe – I can get up and go to the gym in the morning.  Since between our vacation and the work trip, it’s been a solid 2 weeks since I’ve been.



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