Avoiding, Annoying

March 9, 2011

Work’s on my nerves right this minute.  Conflicting requests have my head spinning.  So I will do the most responsible thing and write a blog post.

  • Lemon just called me.  We’re working out juggling several appointments and commitments for her, and it’s not easy!  But in furtherance of the goal, she actually dialed my number, and we had a decent little chat. Talked about the scheduling, and chatted about this and that.  Then she had to go because she arrived at her destination, and I went back to work.  Maybe a glimpse into the future of what life will be like with adult children.
  • Mouse lost her cell phone.  It’s pissing me off, pretty much.  I know we all lose things and all, but she is acting like it’s just no big deal.  Instead of like the reality of the situation – she just had an upgrade, phones aren’t cheap when you have to buy them outright, and she has a pretty crappy track record for keeping track of her stupid phone! [Okay.  Fine.  I admit it.  I have the insurance for her phone, so it won’t be so pricey, but still.  She shouldn’t be so cavalier about it.]
  • Lemon spent the winter training for spring crew, and the spring season started while I was traveling.  I got home and asked her how things went, and she gave me a funny look.  Turns out her knee was bothering her, and she sat out of the running part of the practices.  [pause for maternal grumble here.] Because of that, she was assigned the coxswain position (the person who sits on the end of the boat and yells at the people who are actually rowing). She wasn’t happy with it, and wanted to get back to rowing, but her knee hurts!  She swore it would get better, that it only hurt so bad because she fell on it.  But then this week, she continued with reduced running – she was doing 4 laps instead of 10.  So I told her she had to go back to physical therapy, so that her knee can get better – that she can’t just continue with pain and not try to fix it.  She said, “that’s not happening.”  To which I said, “EXCUUUUSE ME???” Because – really – she doesn’t talk to me that way, and I was not okay with it.  So after some pushing and pulling (“then you have to quit crew!” “fine!” “no, you have to go to physical therapy!”), she agreed to go to physical therapy.  Our appointment is Monday, and I’m sure it will be no problem for me to leave work early for this purpose [sarcasm].
  • I have to travel again – back to the same place I’d been before.  I am going for 3 days, instead of 5, but am not relishing it.  I am choosing to drive from the big airport this time, rather than to rely on 3x/day puddle jumpers to get me OUT of there when we’re done.  It’s a 3 1/2 hour drive, so I’ll have to find some books on tape or something, but that’s fine with me.  Better than the alternative that I already lived through (and hated).  I don’t mind returning to the work itself. [Updated to add:  scratch that.  Piggy-backed trips means that I have another 5-day week of travel.  2-city tour.  I will be doing planes, trains and automobiles – all three.  Yee ha.]
  • I keep losing track of little things in life.  Lemon needs a health clearance form for the sport she’s being a pain in my butt about.  Mouse needs a dress altered, and we’re soon running out of time.  I need an intervention.
  • I’m finding myself suddenly concerned about the loss of my anonymity.  I always know that if someone I know stumbles across this blog (as well as my previous blogs), they would know in a heartbeat who I am.  Not that I’m oh-so unique, just – you know.  I’m not that tricky. I try to consistently take care with what I blog so that if someone I know does stumble across this place, the most they’ll think is “what makes her think people give a shit?”  But every now and then, things that are important to me intersect with the lives of others, and I worry.

Because that is what I do best.  Worry.


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